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Oz's Biological Parents Could Be The Key To Understanding 'AHS: Cult'

In the first episode of American Horror Story: Cult, Winter started off her new job as a nanny by crossing boundaries with her young charge Ozzy. Though she eventually graduated into showing the kid full-on snuff videos, she decided to start off small with some rude questions. She wanted to know which of the women gave birth to Oz and if they'd ever told him about his biological father. Oz claimed he didn't know the answer and the subject was dropped. But this show doesn't drop details like that for nothing, so who are Oz's biological parents on AHS: Cult?

The show hasn't revealed the answer to that question yet (if, in fact, it ever does), but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating. It's possible that either Ally or Ivy is Oz's biological mother, though the Mayfair-Richards family doesn't appear to be very concerned with questions of biology. In fact, neither of them might be Oz's biological mother; there is a chance that Oz is adopted, in which case his biological parents might not matter at all. If he's adopted, then his parents could be characters the audience hasn't met yet, and might never meet as the rest of the season continues to progress.

But this is American Horror Story, a show that's no stranger to secret familial twists and throwaway comments coming back in a big way when the audience least expects. If the question of Oz's biological parents was raised in the first episode, then it's likely to come up again later on (unless the show just forgets about it entirely, which is also something that happens on American Horror Story on the regular). Viewers have begun to speculate on the possibilities, though when it comes to theories about Oz's parents, it seems like every road leads back to Kai.

Kai is fixated on Ally and his sister Winter was the one who brought up the question of paternity in the first place, which makes it seem like there could be a connection there. Perhaps Kai found out that he was Oz's father (either because of a baby of his that was given up for adoption or through sperm donation) and sent his sister in to forge a bond with his son.

However, on the off chance that Kai is in some way biologically responsible for Oz, then there could be more sinister implications. Reddit user Anon33157 came up with a theory about Oz's parentage that could prove everyone around Ally has been lying to her from the beginning. They posit that Ivy is actually in Kai's cult and has been the whole time — and she's grooming Oz to take over the cult some day in the future. That theory focuses especially on Oz's full name, which is Ozymandias, and what it means: king of kings.

If Ivy and Kai are in the cult together, then they could be Oz's biological parents. They're around the same age and Oz does look like both of them, plus Oz seems to have a closer relationship with Ivy that Ally feels shut out of. When Ally tried to comfort him over his clown-related terrors in Episode 2, he brushed her off and ran to Ivy, saying that he wanted "mom."

Whether or not the connection is biological, there does seem to be something linking Ally, Ivy, Oz, and Kai together. It might not have anything to do with who Oz's biological parents are (the cult may prove to be enough of a uniting force), but it wouldn't be a surprise if that Episode 1 hint paid off in the end. There's always something else lurking under the surface on American Horror Story.

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