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Peter's Parents Are Very Important To Him

Hometown dates are fast approaching on The Bachelorette, and they could change everything for Rachel and her four remaining suitors. These dates can make it or break it for each of the couples in question, depending on how well things go on the home front. Rachel's goal is to get married and start a family with one of the men currently trying to win her heart, so it stands to reason that she would need to get to know their families too. If all goes according to plan, then they'll be in each other's lives for a long time to come. But first Rachel needs to get to know her boyfriends' families — as do viewers. So who are Peter's parents on The Bachelorette?

Peter seems to be very close to his family, including his parents Gary and Lynn and his brother David, whom Peter said he admired most in the world in his Bachelorette bio. "He is intelligent, hard-working, and the very best father and husband that I have ever known," Peter said of his brother. "He is a rock." His family (including adorable nieces and nephews) are all over his social media, making it clear how important they are to Peter. Rachel will definitely have to get along with the Krauses if she and Peter end up together in the finale.

The promo for the upcoming episode is already sowing seeds of discord, however, when Peter's mother suggests that while he may be ready for a commitment, he might not be ready for marriage. (Does Peter know which show he signed up for?) It seems like Peter's mom is the one to go to for the dirt if she's already spilling that much in the promo, but fans may have to wait for the new episode to really get to know the Krauses. They seem to be private types.

It's been reported that Peter's dad manages a Wisconsin Panera, while his mother is a travel agent with Middleton Travel and also has a second job working in the emergency room at Meriter Hospital. Overall the Krauses seem to keep to themselves and steer clear of the public eye, which makes total sense because they appear to be normal people leading very normal lives. Before their appearance on The Bachelorette, it seems the only glimpses of them that could be found were on Peter's Instagram.

Peter posted a childhood picture of himself and his dad with the heartfelt caption, "To the man who taught me how to become the man that I am today. Strength, hard work, perseverance, kindness, and so so much more. It may not have always seemed like I was listening dad, but trust me when I tell you that I was."

Strong family connections are important to Rachel, so Peter's solid relationship with his parents could win her over further. In fact, this match is looking more and more plausible — provided Peter is ready to get down on one knee, after all.