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These Eight Families Are Dishing Out Their Unique Flavors On 'Family Food Fight'

It’s always nice to find a TV show you can watch with your kids, and I have a feeling ABC’s new cooking show is going to become a new family favorite. Hosted by Ayesha Curry, Family Food Fight is a culinary competition in which eight families will square off using their unique skills and recipes. If you’re hoping to find out a little bit more about the competitors, you’re probably wondering, who are the families on Family Food Fight?

The new show premieres on Jun. 20, and the first episode will introduce viewers to four families — the White Family, the Graves Family, the Lenzi Family and the Lee Family. In a press release, ABC revealed that this episode will feature “a series of cooking challenges, including a six-course family feast and a breakfast-for-dinner spread.” After each family presents their dishes to the celebrity judging panel, one family will be eliminated, and the remaining three will continue on.

In the second episode, which airs Thursday, Jun. 27, viewers will get to meet four new families — the Livanos Family, the Maniya Family, the Min Family and the Nichols Family — as they are tasked with a variety of culinary challenges, including creating a six-course family feast and putting their own spin on a classic American meal — a hamburger with fries and a milkshake. There will be an elimination every week, and at the end of the season, one family will take home the $100,000 prize and earn the title of America’s No. 1 Food Family.

Here are the families you’ll meet this season:

The Graves Family

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The Graves Family is made up of three brothers — DJ and twin brothers, Kris and Mike. According to the Press Democrat, the family comes from Santa Rosa, California, and this isn’t their first time on TV. The brothers were featured on Food Network’s 24-Hour Restaurant Battle and the TV game show, Family Feud. After their mom died of cancer, the brothers established the Mama Bear Foundation in her honor, and through it, they help support families who are coping with cancer.

The Lee Family

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The Lee Family — including mom, Meily and daughters Victoria and Amanda — is from San Francisco, California, and according to the Rachel Ray Show, they hope to bring their Chinese fusion expertise to the show. Meily passed down her family’s traditional recipes to her daughters, and now they hope to help their mom fulfill her culinary dreams.

The Lenzi Family

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The Lenzi Family, which includes dad EJ, mom Toni, and daughter, Gabbie, is from Chicago, Illinois, and according to The Chicago Tribune, their family has been in the restaurant business for generations. EJ (a former race car driver) first worked at his grandfather’s restaurant, Gene & Georgetti, and later when on to open his own Chicago-area restaurants, Erie Cafe and EJ’s Place.

The Livanos Family

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The Livanos Family — mom, Lorena and her two sons, Enrico and Johnny — are from Westchester, New York. As reported by Lohud, the family has been in the restaurant business for years, and they own a number of restaurants in around New York City, including Oceana, Ouisa, and Molyvos.

The Maniya Family

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The Maniya Family is made up of three sisters-in-law, Fatima, Azeema, and Kiran. According to the Rachel Ray Show, their specialty is Pakistani and Indian cuisine, and because of their Zabiha diet restrictions, they tend to make all their food at home. Fatima is a food blogger, and you can head to her Instagram page to check out the amazing dishes she makes.

The Min Family

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The Min Family — twins Jason and Mike, and their younger brother, Alex — are bringing their love for Asian cuisine to the competition. "We celebrate Chusoek (Korean Thanksgiving) and Lunar New Year; these are occasions for our family to get together to feast and honor our dead family members and ancestors," they said, as reported by the Rachel Ray Show. "We often cater Indian cuisine for our gatherings, as our family loves Indian food."

The Nichols Family

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The Nichols Family — Tammy, her husband Chris, and her brother Eddie — are from Paulding County, Georgia. As reported by the Marietta Daily Journal, Chris is a retired high school football coach, Eddie owns a general contracting company, and Tammy has her own Youtube cooking channel called Collard Valley Cooks, on which she features her mother’s Southern homestyle recipes.

The White Family

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The White Family, cousins Shayla, Tan, and Darlena, are from Texarkana, Arkansas. As reported by the Rachel Ray Show, the cousins specialize in traditional soul food, utilizing recipes passed down in their family. Shayla, who was featured on an episode of Home Chef Showdown on the Live Well network, ran a restaurant called Shayla’s Kitchen for four years.

With such a diverse group of chefs, the competition is going to be a lot of fun to watch. Family Food Fight premieres on Thursday, Jun. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.