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The Baudelaires Aren't The Only Kids On 'ASOUE'

(Warning: this post contains unfortunate spoilers from Episode 8.) When it comes to A Series of Unfortunate Events, there's three particular children that come to mind: Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. The series begins following the Baudelaire children, who are orphaned after their parents perish in a terrible fire. However, the series also included another set of children (triplets actually), who are revealed later on to belong to Mother and Father. So who are the Quagmire triplets on A Series of Unfortunate Events? If you haven't read the books yet and don't wish to be spoiled for further seasons, I suggest you take Neil Patrick Harris' advice from the opening theme song and "look away." For the rest of you, here's what you need to know.

At the end of Episode 7, it was revealed that the Mother and Father characters that were trying to get back home to their children weren't actually the Baudelaire parents after all, but instead the parents of Duncan, Isadora, and Quigley. (We hear Mother call out their names when they return home.) But who are these youngsters exactly and how do they fit into this story? Last warning: book spoilers abound! If you read the novels, you know the three Quagmire triplets are an important part of the story and eventually become friends with the Baudelaires. This is mainly because they all go through similar unfortunate events and their parents were all in the same secret society.

The first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, ends with the Quagmire parents also dying in a fire, and the children being taken to the same boarding school Mr. Poe brings the Baudelaire children to, called Prufrock Preparatory School. This will mark the start of the children's friendship and partnership.

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The show sticks fairly close to the books with the Quagmire's introduction, including a small detail at the end that some of you may not have noticed. In the show, only two of the Quagmire children appear to be at the boarding school academy they were all taken to. There wasn't enough time left in the season for any explanation to be given, but book fans will know exactly why one of the triplets is missing. Quigley was actually presumed to be dead along with his parents in the most recent house fire we saw occur. But as we will later find out, this was not the case at all.

In the books, his mother hid him in a trapdoor to protect him from the fire, but she never returned. It wasn't until hours later that Quigley found a tunnel that took him to Dr. Montgomery's home. Unfortunately, by the time he got there, Dr. Montgomery was already dead and the Baudelaire children were long gone.

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Similar to the adventures the Baudelaires found themselves apart of, Quigley goes through a lot of obstacles as well before Violet and Klaus eventually find him in a cave. A romance is also hinted at between Violet and Quigley, though it is brief because, of course, there are multiple unfortunate events that prevent any sort of real happily ever after between the two from ever occurring. (There's plenty of fan-fiction out there for these two though.)

The Quagmire siblings and the Baudelaire children are often brought together and separated throughout the rest of the series, so it'll be exciting to see how the addition of these three other youths, who go through their own series of unfortunate events, plays out on the Netflix series.