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Who Are The Returning 'Big Brother 18' Houseguests? There Are Some Familiar Faces

When Big Brother 18 premiered Wednesday night, we expected twists and big surprises, but none so big so soon. After Julie Chen announced that there would be three twists before the following day, the stowaways began — literally — popping out. So who are the returning Big Brother 18 houseguests? They're all veterans of the show and will likely have some advantage over the new 12 house guests of Big Brother 18. Of course there's no way to have a definitive advantage over the other houseguests since Season 18 is just as unique as the others, but the stowaways have gained some fans and have experience in the competition in general.

The stowaway houseguests on Big Brother 18 are familiar faces from seasons' past. Namely, from Seasons 14, 16, and 17. For the ones who were literally just in the Big Brother house, it's of course super fresh in their minds, but for the others, they could very well be a bit rusty. For the sake of the new houseguests of Season 18, let's hope that's the case. So which veteran Big Brother contestants have come back to Season 18 to try and win that prize money again? Let's take a look.

Nicole - Big Brother 16


Nicole was on Big Brother 16, and something of a romance while competing on the show with cast mate Hayden. Will that attraction transfer over to another one of the other resident hot guys this season on Big Brother? Never mind if they aren't on the same team, it could still happen, ya'll.

James - Big Brother 17


A Season 17 veteran, James was just on Big Brother last season, so the game is for sure hot on his mind. But it shouldn't be hard for him to win over the houseguests in this season too, since he's got the personality of the class clown from high school. And he did win the title of America's Favorite Houseguest.

Da'Vonne - Big Brother 17


Another Season 17 cast member of Big Brother, Da'Vonne just wants another chance at that $500,000, which is kind of the point, right? Her downfall, though, may be any in-house romances that stir up, since her attraction to Paulie was very real (can we even blame her?) and it's just the first night.

Frank - Big Brother 14

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He was accused of cheating back in Season 14 of Big Brother, so houseguests this season will be right to be weary of him. Maybe we can give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he'll be more honorable this time around, but if the houseguests of any season of Big Brother will say, the point is to win, not make friends or be the sweetheart of the house. Unless that's your strategy, of course.