Get Acquainted With The Stars Of Netflix's New Musical Reality Show 'Westside'

If you've opened up your Netflix account today (guilty as charged) you may have seen a group of very attractive young people posing in an alley with a blue tint that screams Riverdale. But in fact, this is promotional image for a new reality series, Westside, about struggling musicians in Los Angeles. So who are the stars of Westside on Netflix? That's what I'm here to tell you about.

The nine artists in question have come to the City of Angels to catch their big break. Most of us have had dreams of stardom at one point or another, but these are some real up-and-comers with talent in spades. The group has to work together, despite many dueling personalities and musical styles, in order to put together a professional-level showcase that will premiere at a nightclub.

Putting it all on the line isn't easy. Coming from various walks of life, all nine cast members have been working at making it in the music business for years prior to the show. As the trailer shows, things are going to get rough as they work together to make their dreams a reality. But hopefully, it will all be worth it in the end.

Caitlin Ary


Ary has a lot of opinions about the rest of the cast, as seen in the trailer. She describes herself as the "hands-on mom" of the group (though she uses another *ahem* interesting adjective to paint the picture).

In addition to singing, Ary is an actress and stage performer, having appeared in productions of titles such as The Last Five Years.

James Byous


Byous is "the cool neighbor that the family has adopted." He and Murray had a "challenging friendship," according to Murray himself, but it's unclear as to why just yet.

With a soulful voice dripping with passion, Byous is a recovering alcoholic celebrating his first year of sobriety. From the trailer, it looks as though he struggled with his addiction during the show, so chances are viewers will get a look at his road to recovery.

Pia Toscano


In juxtaposition to herself, Ary describes Toscano as "the cool, hands-off mom." Murray thinks of her as "the kindest, goofiest, sweetest person." But in her own mind, she's a perfectionist who has had to learn to trust in the process.

With her impressive pipes, this self-described "God Chick" is making waves. Toscando is also a former American Idol contestant, in case you thought your recognized her.

Taz Zavala


In Ary's words, Zavala is the "cool, teenage daughter figuring it out." Zavala herself laments in the trailer that she has had to do everything herself, as her family doubted her choice to pursue a music career.

While continuing to focus on the dream, Zavala appears to be a young woman just learning and growing. She has a silly side, too — following the release of one of Westside's music videos, "Vibe," Zavala shared a video of her dancing to it with a coworker in a kitchen at her workplace.

Arika Gluck


Gluck is "the little girl I want to grow up to be," according to Ary. She comes across a confident, seasoned performer, telling the camera that she's been involved in the arts since she was 3 years old.

A singer and dancer who can also rap, Gluck is from South Central Los Angeles. She's not particularly active on social media, so it looks like we'll have to wait until the show premieres to get to know her better.

Alexandra "Lexi" Krekorian


This "little sister who's getting her sh*t together" is seriously passionate. She talks about the "fire" inside of her that's propelling her forward.

Krekorian, who goes by the stage name Alexandra Kay, is a midwest-born-and-bred country crooner in her 20s. It was hard for her to leave her life and her boyfriend behind to pursue her dreams, but it seems like it was worth it.

Sean Patrick Murray


Murray, the show's supervising producer, earned the moniker of "annoying older brother" from Ary. And he takes his cooking seriously.

Murray is a newlywed — he and his longtime partner, Andy Hotchkiss, were married in October 2017. He hails from the New York-New Jersey area, and boasts a seriously impressive workout regimen.

Austin Kolbe


Kolbe "really goes balls-to-the-wall," according to Ary. But it would appear he has a bit of an ego — at one point, he says he has to "carry the team" as the strongest song writer of the group.

Curly-haired Kolbe looks to be the portrait of a serious artist. His signature move is wearing open jackets with no shirt underneath, with a large necklace hanging down his chest. Kolbe's rocker vibe with sunglasses and tattoos to match makes him an interesting addition to the cast.

Leo Gallo


As someone who says he "loves to lead," Gallo is an obvious supporter of his teammates all the way. Ary says that he "keeps the peace," and it definitely looks like he'll be a positive presence even when things are difficult.

Gallo's relaxed, acoustic style comes across even as he speaks to the camera. He's new to social media, but hopefully he'll open up more in front of the camera.