Joe Lederer/Netflix

'ASOUE' Reveals A Fiery New Enemy

(Warning: this post contains unfortunate spoilers from Episode 8.) You'd think that having one nice mansion burn down would be enough misfortune to be getting on with, but in the case of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, there's really no limit to the unfortunate happenings that occur (hence the title). So it should come as no surprise that the Baudelaire mansion wouldn't be the only house to go up in flames. The Quagmires also experienced a similiar occurence, which may lead many to wonder: who burned down the Quagmire mansion on ASOUE? Whoever it is, there are still at large.

Not much is known about the perpetrator of these house fires. One could easily point the finger at Count Olaf, who has made his villainous tendencies more than well known throughout Season 1. But is that perhaps a little too easy? If this show has taught us anything it's to never jump to conclusions right off the bat. (Remember when we thought Mother and Father were the Baudelaire parents for most of the season?) So I'm hesitant to make any outright claims when it comes to the show's fire starter. We can't even say for sure if the same person is responsible for both fires (though it probably is).

Joe Lederer/Netflix

All we know is that there was a person sitting in a care right outside the Quagmire mansion who was dressed in black and white gloves and a matching feather hat. Naturally, we couldn't see their face because it was purposefully covered by a newspaper, which was all about how the Baudelaire fire has been ruled an accident. It was shortly after this moment that a laser device of sorts was used to start a fire in the Quagmire study. The laser ignited a family photo, which quickly spread throughout the house.

Clearly, this person is the one who caused this fire, but why? Are they working for Count Olaf or is this an entirely new villain we'll eventually get introduced to? Right now, it's difficult to say, but there's no denying that the Quagmires had just as many enemies as the Baudelaire, given how much they went through in order to get back home to their children. We know these two couples were all members of some sort of secret organization. So the only question is — was this an inside job or someone who has a serious bone to pick with particular members?

Only time will tell, so let's hope the series gets renewed for a second season, so we can figure out what the heck all of this means.