Rick Rowell/ABC

Nick Gets A Blast From The Past On 'The Bachelor'

Every season, The Bachelor inevitably leaves a trail of bitter people in its wake. With bachelors and bachelorettes forced to send people home left and right, it's easy to say that some hearts will be broken. Most walk away, but then there are those who just can't go without a fight. In the teasers for next week's episode, a brunette woman is shown knocking on Nick's door. There are so many possibilities as to who it could be – which is probably the producers' intention. Who confronts Nick on The Bachelor? They're definitely going to bring even more drama to the show.

Let's break it down: as Nick is no stranger to Bachelor Nation, there are multiple seasons worth of people this could be. Is it possible that this is Andi Dorfman or Kaitlyn Bristowe, the two bachelorettes that broke Nick's heart? That would make great television, but it's not likely. Nick has said he doesn't want to rekindle his relationship with Andi, and Kaitlyn is engaged to the winner of her Bachelorette season, Shawn Booth.

It's more likely that whoever knocks on Nick's door is from this season. That, too, leaves a wide range of potential women. Perhaps it's Kristina, who Nick just let go home – it can't be Danielle M. even though she had the same fate, because this person isn't blonde (unless Danielle put on a convincing disguise, but that would be the definition of "Too Much").

This person could also be from farther back in the season. One contender is Liz, the one who slept with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding and wouldn't stop talking about it. She was let go pretty soon, but she may have come to Bimini in order to win Nick's heart back. It could also be someone still in the house – maybe Vanessa, trying to talk to Nick about their failed conversation on love.

Because this is Bachelor Nation, this could also be a completely random person...maybe it's Chad, here to talk to Nick about protein shakes and Bachelor in Paradise. Just kidding, no one wants to see Chad on national television again. Whomever it is, we'll thankfully find out – but we have to wait an entire week first.