Who Did Natalie Cheer For Before 'Big Brother 18'? She Might Surprise The Houseguests

Big Brother 18 contestant Natalie Negrotti said in her CBS bio that her competition strategy is to lay low at first, and become a sort of dark horse favorite to win, fooling everyone else at first with a sweet and innocent act. Who knows how far this strategy will get her, but she is certainly laying low for now. She planned not to win the first competition, but as a former NFL cheerleader she could prove formidable when it comes to the endurance competitions. Wait, what NFL team did Natalie cheer for before Big Brother? She was a part of the Flight Crew team for the New York Jets for three years.

Natalie said that she would form an alliance with only three women, which she has with Bridgette and Bronte called the Spy Girls. She said this was because her former cheerleading experience taught her how to work with large groups of women. And apparently "women suck at this game." Um, OK, that seems to be a bit of a generalization, but it would be nice to a woman win the game, wouldn't it? Natalie writes that she is a big fan of doing her hair and nails and looking a puppy videos on Instagram. All of which I also enjoy, but it definitely doesn't sound like the sort of cut-throat competitor required by Big Brother standards does it? Actually, it could mean just that.

In an interview for the New York Jets, however, she details a little more about her hard-work ethic and her overall competitive spirit. When asked what her favorite Denise Garvey saying was (Denise Garvey is the cheerleader director and choreographer for the New York Jets), Natalie said "Control your controllables." This is honestly a great piece of practical life advice for anyone anywhere, and could definitely prove useful to Natalie in the Big Brother house if she continues to live by it. In this interview she also said that Denise Garvey once referred to her as a "sparkplug" in an audition, and this small word of praise has reminded her ever since what hard work and dedication can get her. So maybe with a little hard work, and a little cheerleader maneuvering, Natalie will win Big Brother after all.