Bob D'Amico/ABC

Wes Makes A Mysterious Call On 'HTGAWM'

Tonight's How to Get Away with Murder, "Go Cry Somewhere Else," picked up exactly where last week left off: with Frank trailing Wes through town mere hours before his death. Frank lost him when Wes hopped into a cab, where things got immediately intriguing; first Wes ignored a call from Laurel, then made a call to a mysterious "in case of emergency" number. But what was even more surprising was that Wes introduced himself as Christophe on the call. So who did Wes call on How to Get Away with Murder?

That wasn't made immediately evident; it was impossible to hear anyone else on the other line, and the scene cut off quickly before Wes could say more. But it did raise some interesting questions. There were very few people from Wes' past that he could have still been in contact with, especially when it came to people who knew what his real name was. There was Annalise and Eve, the Mahoneys, and Wes' adopted family; they all knew something of Wes' history, but they weren't necessarily people he would list as an emergency contact in his phone. If anything, it proved that there was so much viewers didn't know about Wes.

Wes' adoptive family probably wouldn't call him Christophe because he started to use the name Wes when living with them; he also didn't seem to be in contact with anyone from that time in his life, at least that the audience had seen. He would use the name Wes with Annalise too, which only left a few options – as long as the audience assumed Wes was talking to someone that had been introduced on the show before.

Even Eve would most certainly use the name Wes if she ever had a reason to speak to him on the phone, and there was no evidence of a deep enough bond between them for her to be Wes' emergency contact. Their only connection was through Annalise, and Eve's tangential involvement in the events surrounding Wes' mother's death. The Mahoneys, on the other hand, might very well have reason to call him Christophe, because that was what his mother named him. It's possible that Wes could have been contacting his biological family.

Even if Wes wasn't calling the Mahoneys, the name Christophe points towards a family connection; perhaps it was a relative of his mother's whom the audience hasn't met yet. So much of Wes' past remained a mystery that there's no telling what surprises have yet to be uncovered.