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Not Even Weddings Are Safe On 'HTGAWM'

How to Get Away with Murder has been returning to one major event throughout Season 5: Connor and Oliver's wedding. But the long-awaited nuptials aren't as romantic as viewers might hope, because the celebration is the backdrop for a murder. The victim's identity has yet to be revealed four episodes into the season, leaving audiences wondering: who dies at the wedding on HTGAWM?

There's very little evidence pointing to the victim's identity, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating. There are some key details to keep in mind: the victim was at the wedding, so they must be close enough to Connor and Oliver to merit an invitation. They were also outside with Laurel's baby son Christopher for some reason; so either she trusted the person to watch her kid, or their intentions were more nefarious. Lastly, Bonnie calmly smothered the person before returning to the wedding, so the victim must not have been on her good side. They could have been someone who got too close to discovering the Keating crew's misdeeds and needed to be taken out. Or perhaps Bonnie was after a more personal revenge.

Right now it's all still too vague, which is why it's very helpful that Reddit user tvuniverse decided to come up with a definitive list of all the possibilities.

The most obvious answer to the mystery is one of the grooms. Oliver is missing from the wedding reception when it comes time for his and Connor's dance, and it could be because he's outside expiring in a snowbank. Redditor tvuniverse thought that the victim's voice (which can only be heard when they gasp for air) sounded like Oliver. And there could be a motive for Bonnie to kill Oliver, too; he's been getting so deeply involved in Frank's sneaking around that he may have found out something that necessitated his demise. Bonnie's not above killing for the group; she did as much to Rebecca back in Season 1.

The victim could also be Tegan. She's taken on greater prominence this season, and could be plotting revenge against Annalise. Though Tegan seems law-abiding (she didn't want to use Michaela's blackmail tactics with a new client), she might be hiding something. "Maybe Tegan is still working for Castillo/the Castillo family and planned to take down Annalise and/or Laurel," tvuniverse wrote. Jorge Castillo used to be one of Tegan's clients. "So Frank and Bonnie could also be protecting Laurel and/or Annalise from Tegan and/or the Castillos. Maybe she was even trying to hurt or kidnap the baby for them."

But the theorizing doesn't end there. Some viewers believe that the increased focus on new student Gabriel Maddox means that he's implicated in the season's secrets somehow, though the extent of his involvement is unclear. Two Reddit users, tvuniverse and dontsoundright, thought that Gabriel could be connected to Laurel's missing mother Sandrine; perhaps he is even Laurel's half-brother. If he's deeply involved in the extended Castillo family, maybe Gabriel or Sandrine herself die at the wedding. They could have been trying to abscond with Christopher when Bonnie stopped them.

While there's no proof of a familial connection between Gabriel and Sandrine, there are other characters who appear to be in more immediate danger. Bonnie's new boyfriend Ronald Miller seems to be edging too close to Bonnie's secrets, which may lead to his downfall. Bonnie's sister Julie might also be important because she's the chief suspect in the kidnapping of Bonnie's baby. While Bonnie doesn't currently have a motive to kill either of them, there's still enough time for one to emerge.

Lastly, there's a chance the victim is Nate. When Michaela tries to call Nate at the wedding to see where he is, it's revealed that Bonnie has his phone. It seems incredibly suspicious for her to have his phone, especially if he's MIA and she was just outside dispatching someone.

The fact that there are so many potential victims on HTGAWM Season 5 proves that anyone could die at any moment. No character is safe.