No Marvel Character Is Safe In 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Avengers: Infinity War is bringing together almost every hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while this is certainly cause for excitement fans can't help but worry about their favorite characters. With all these heroes going against one major villain, it's not surprising that rumors about one, or more, characters dying have arisen. These rumors have left many people asking: who dies in Avengers: Infinity War? There are number of possibilities at this point.

Based on the trailers alone, people have come up with various theories about what's to come in Infinity War. While some predictions make total sense, others may seem a little far fetched, but with not much to go on every theory should be considered to have some merit. There is a plethora of superheroes in this movie and since the film isn't about any hero in particular, it seems fair to assume that no one is really safe. Sure, a number of them have to survive for there to be an Avengers 4 down the line, but that doesn't mean they all have to make it to the end of Infinity War.

Below are just some of the characters that may not make it out of Infinity War alive.


Because Vision literally has an infinity stone in his head, it's not surprising that many people think he'll die first. Thanos wants all the infinity stones and it seems highly unlikely that he'll care if he has to kill Vision to get it.

Captain America

Captain America is the epitome of the good guy character. He's never been afraid to lay down his life for others and with this being the greatest fight the Avengers will have to face, there's no doubt sacrifices will have to be made. Captain America will surely be fine with making that sacrifice if it means everyone else gets to live.

Bucky Barnes

Who doesn't love a good redemption arc? Bucky was made to do horrible things when he was under the control of Hydra and while Shuri did an excellent job of fixing him up, it wouldn't be surprising if he felt it was his duty to lay down his life to save those he's hurt before and make things right.


Similar to Bucky, Loki also has some sins to atone for and though he and his brother, Thor, seem to be getting along fine now, never forget that Loki was the villain in the first Avengers movie. It would be quite the full circle moment if, in Infinity War, Loki plays the hero and ends up dying to protect Thor in some way.


Unfortunately, in the trailer for Infinity War, you can clearly see Thor's head getting squeezed quite harshly and it doesn't look all that great for him. This scene has led many fans to worry about Thor's safety, and argue that it could be the God of Thunker who dies in the film.

Iron Man

While Captain America is technically the first Avenger, it was the first Iron Man movie that jump started this decade-long Marvel franchise. Thus, it wouldn't be surprising if Marvel decided to close off this chapter of the MCU with the death of Tony Stark as he kind of started it all. That would open up the door for new characters to come in, and also his death would probably be the jumping off point for a lot of the superheroes to continue on their hero journeys in memory of what Tony did.

Granted, these are only predictions. No one will know for sure what happens until the movie comes out, but just prepare yourself in advance for who you could lose by the time the end credits start rolling.