The New 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer Teases A Great War

If you thought this was just going to be another typical weekday, think again. A new trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 has dropped and with it comes a vast array of exciting things to look forward to when the series returns on July 16. Apart from seeing Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen on their perspective thrones, Jon Snow's voice also narrates talk of the "great war" being here. So who dies in the great war on Game of Thrones? That will undoubtedly be the question of the season.

As of now it's unclear who will die and who will remain in the land of the living throughout the rest of this epic journey. As most of you already know, the series has now surpassed George R.R. Martin's books, meaning not even avid book readers have a clue of what dangers are on the horizon for these beloved (and sometimes very much hated) characters. Either way, though, there's no doubt in my mind that not everyone is making it out of this upcoming epic battle alive. I mean, this is Game of Thrones we're talking about here. Casualties aren't just possible — they're highly probable. It just boils down to who it will be.

Throughout the promo, viewers see a very serious battle raging — obviously part of the "great war" Jon Snow is referring to (turns out he does know something after all). And evidently fans can expect to see things come to a head relatively quickly throughout the seventh installment. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (who plays Jaime Lannister) mentioned that the pacing of Season 7 is a lot faster than prior seasons, meaning we could get to the heart of the action pretty much right off the bat. "A lot of things that normally take a season now take one episode,” he remarked. So basically, get excited.

As for who could die, well the answer to that is basically anyone and everyone at this point in the game. Dany, Cersei, and Jon all have a claim to the Iron Throne, so there are definitely bound to be significant targets on their backs — not to mention those who follow and support them. Meanwhile, Sansa Stark is ruling over the North. Will she be one of the first to come face-to-face with the White Walkers when they make their way into the fray? After all, we know that the Night King will be featured...

Suffice to say, Season 7 is going to be just as gripping as fans want it to be. The war to end all wars is finally upon us and it's every human, walker, and dragon for themselves.