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'The Walking Dead' War Will Come With Casualties

War is brewing on The Walking Dead. It all might come to a head in the Season 7 finale, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life," but this war probably won't be easily won. It might not even be over by the time the finale comes to a close. Rick has accrued enough guns and soldiers to finally have a real shot at taking on Negan and the Saviors without losing, but Negan has had years to establish his power and it probably won't be easy to dismantle it so quickly. But whether or not Rick defeats Negan at the end of Season 7, there are bound to be casualties. So who dies in The Walking Dead war against Negan?

The comics give some hints about who might meet their maker in the war against Negan, but there's no guarantee the show will follow that example. The show often likes to change things up to keep the audience on their toes, but the comics can still be a good guide for trying to figure out what might happen. Many of the major character deaths occurred before the battle, so while the lead-up may have been bloody, the war itself is not really a bloodbath. Unless you're the one person on earth who cares if Saviors kick the bucket. However, on the show there are definitely characters who could be in danger. Such as...


Sasha's death seems to be in the cards, and not just because the actress landed a new TV show. She's deep in Savior territory and if she can't fake allegiance to Negan, then she's a goner. Her storyline also mirrors another character from the comics who dies in the lead-up to the war: Abraham's girlfriend Holly. Holly ends up a Savior prisoner until she dies and turns, at which point Negan unleashes her on Alexandria. She ends up biting Denise, who subsequently dies. Denise may already be gone on the show, but Walker Sasha is a real possibility.


But who could Sasha bite? Many fans seem to think Rosita isn't long for this world considering her recent recklessness, and Sasha infecting her just when they started to mend their relationship would be the kind of painful twist that's right at home on The Walking Dead.


Negan isn't going anywhere any time soon, but some of his people are pretty much guaranteed to bite the dust. Some nameless Saviors will probably die, but more memorable ones like Simon and Jerk With Long Hair Whose Name I Didn't Learn could also be marked for death.


Considering Aaron's boyfriend's screen time has seen a sudden increase (wherein he constantly talks about wanting to keep them safe and his love for Aaron), he's pretty much guaranteed to go. And Eric does die in the comics in the war against Negan, shot by one of the Saviors as they storm Alexandria.


Gregory is simply too useless to continue living, and he keeps trying to get himself into trouble by running afoul of Maggie and tattling to the Saviors. Snitches get stitches, Gregory.


Animals never make it far on The Walking Dead, and Ezekiel's tiger Shiva does die in the comics, too. She gives her life to protect Ezekiel against a zombie horde and her dying in the finale is a real possibility. That CGI is expensive!

However the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead plays out, it definitely won't be without casualties.