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More Death Is On The Way To 'Pretty Little Liars'

It looks like A.D. is out for blood. The mysterious stalker ended the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars by drawing in Lucas and Charlotte's unfinished comic book. The gloved hands drew a headstone under a tree but, of course, the show faded to black before showing whose name went under the "Here Lies" section of the tombstone. So who dies on Pretty Little Liars? At this point, it could be anyone.

PLL has seen its fair share of murders over its seven-season run, so it shouldn't be all that surprising that someone else is going to die by the end of the final 10 episodes. In fact, during a recent interview with TooFab at PaleyFest, Andrea Parker (who plays Mary Drake and the now-deceased Jessica DiLaurentis) teased that there will be "more murder than we've ever seen" in Season 7B. However, who could A.D. have their sights on now?

From what fans know about A.D. thus far, this person is very interested in who killed Charlotte — so maybe A.D. figures out who that person is and kills them out of anger/revenge. It's also possible A.D. is out for blood for an entirely different reason. Maybe A.D. kills Jenna, Sydney, or Aria for being terrible lackeys. It was clear by the way Sydney was acting in the limo with Aria that she's scared of A.D. Perhaps Sydney tries to do the right thing and turns against A.D., but A.D. finds out and kills her before she gets the chance to tell anyone the truth about their identity.

Then again, maybe it's Aria who tries to break free from A.D.'s control and confesses the truth to her friends, only for A.D. to find out and kill her. Alternatively, maybe Jenna gets too comfortable with A.D. and makes a misstep, either trying to make a grab for control or by betraying A.D's trust somehow. A.D. doesn't seem like the type who would stand for insubordination — but are they really a cold blooded murderer?

It certainly doesn't seem that way. They're manipulative and a stalker, but could A.D. be a killer as well? Maybe A.D. just knows that someone is going to be killed at the hands of someone else and that's why they drew the headstone. Or, perhaps, the person is already dead and only A.D. knows about it. Mary Drake has been gone for a while. Plus, how does Spencer know those notes in the wine bottle really came from Mary? It could've been anyone writing those messages.

Maybe Mary Drake is actually dead and A.D. is about to reveal the truth to the Liars. The only way to find out for sure is to keep watching.

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