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Three Women Still Want Colton's Heart But Who'll Become Mrs. Underwood?

Three women remain on Season 23 of The Bachelor, making Colton's decision a little bit harder than last week. After the hometown dates he sent frontrunner Caelynn home without so much as an explanation. Of the three left — Hannah G., Tayshia, and Cassie — fans have major opinions about who Colton will pick, but that doesn't mean you have to believe everything you read. Also, if you're still waiting for the epic fence jump, join the club.

Without handing you a few paragraphs of spoilers, let me give you the obvious facts about the women who remain, so you can decide for yourself who Colton's choice might be. There are plenty of spoiler sites dedicated to ruining the experience of watching what happens as it airs. But honestly, I love seeing the chaos unfold along with the rest of Bachelor Nation as opposed to Googling the question and finding a quick answer I can be frustrated with.

That aside, first things first: He could be engaged, he may not be. There will certainly be more drama, because that's how the show is set up, and they promise to air the fence jump eventually (before the end of time, maybe).

If Colton picks Hannah G, it's unclear as to whether she's really ready for that kind of commitment. It's not because she's ever been part of the drama — because she hasn't — but she's still really young. She may remind him of "home," and she's probably there for the right reasons but to me there is something disconnected between the two of them that doesn't scream "this is for life." Plus, after Colton met Hannah's family during the hometowns visit, they weren't exactly on board with their darling girl getting engaged to a man she barely knows. Valid concern, TBH. I just don't see it with her, but that's me.

Next up is Tayshia. There's a lot to unpack here because Tayshia was married once before and it's been widely reported she was in a relationship immediately before leaving to film The Bachelor. Watching her hometowns visit felt a bit uncomfortable as her parents squirmed at the thought of Tayshia falling into something like this so soon. Her dad wouldn't give Colton his blessing at first, and rightfully so. She and Colton clearly have a connection and a lot of chemistry, but even if Tayshia is there for the right reasons and thinks she's ready to be Colton's wife, all I see is "rebound."

And finally, there's Cassie. Bachelor Nation felt she was "the one" from early on, even after her name was thrown into the "not there for the right reasons" category along with Caelynn in previous episodes. She and Colton have the strongest level of chemistry, it seems, but her hesitancy screams "uh-oh," to me. That fence jump has yet to happen and I think it'll be Cassie who inspires it. Knowing Colton's strong feelings for her and her uncertainty in a forever thing (especially after talking to her dad), I'm not so sure she will accept a proposal if Colton asks. To be clear, I do think Cassie is the most likely pick based on Colton's reactions towards her. But that doesn't mean I'm right so take it with a grain of salt and form your own "who will Colton pick" theory.

If you're dissatisfied with the lack of a concrete answer as to who Colton will pick, sorry. But I think the fun comes in watching the live finale with the rest of Bachelor Nation so you can all feel uncomfortable with his choice, together.

The Bachelor continues Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.