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Demi Moore Is Heading To 'Empire'

by Anna Rose Iovine

Empire never ceases to amaze with its guest stars. In the latter half of the third season, the show boasted appearances from Rumer Willis, Nia Long, and Eva Longoria — just to name a few. With its season finale airing Wednesday night, producers may have thought they needed to add yet another A-lister to its roster. This one is not only a star, but she's a relative of another guest: Demi Moore, legendary actress/mother of Rumer Willis. But who does Demi Moore play on Empire? She will be introduced on the season finale, "Toil and Trouble, Part 2."

In case you managed to forget, a lot happened in the first part of the season finale. Bella, Hakeem and Anika's baby, is still missing and the Lyons are hellbent to find her. It turns out that it's Diana Dubois, Angelo's mother, who took Bella without Angelo's knowledge. Lucious was so desperate to find the baby that he instilled help in Tariq, his half brother, who's been his enemy for the majority of the series. Tariq is ex-FBI, so he was able to solve the mystery of who took Bella. There was only one problem, though: Lucious' mother, Leah, stabbed Tariq before he could reveal Bella's whereabouts.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

So how will Moore factor into all of this? According to Variety, her character is a nurse. This makes sense — perhaps Tariq ended up in the hospital (I wouldn't think he'd be alive after a stab in the neck, but this is Empire after all) and Moore's character could be taking care of him. There's not many other details given, except that the nurse is no-nonsense and will also be seen in episodes next season. Moore will become involved in the ever-expanding web the Lyons have woven.

At this point, it's unknown whether Moore's character will interact with her daughter's, Tory Ash. Tory is an Amy Winehouse-like singer now making tracks for Empire Records with the help of Jamal, whom she met in rehab. Will Tory interact with Moore's nurse? Something tells me producers will find a way to bring this mother and daughter together, at least for one scene. Perhaps Tory will visit the hospital and Moore will magically be there. Regardless, it's cool that Empire can bring together the talent that it has.

Viewers will get a tease of what Moore will bring to the show during the finale, but will have to wait until next season to see how her character arc plays out.