Who Does Jinger Duggar's Baby Look Like? Instagram Is Divided About Baby Felicity

It never ceases to perplex me when people try to figure out which parent a newborn baby more closely resembles. As adorably squishy and sweet-smelling as fresh-from-the-womb babies are, to me they all just kind of look like babies at the very beginning. I mean, newborns' heads are often cone-shaped from the birthing process — and they might even have bruises from the delivery. With their wrinkles and/or adorable fat stores, most of the time newborns don't look like either parent too much just yet. However, now that Jeremy and Jinger's baby girl is more than 1 month old, fans have been debating: Who does Jinger Duggar's baby look like?

As fans already know, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo of TLC's Counting On welcomed their first child — a daughter they named Felicity — on July 19, according to Us Weekly. Since then, the new parents have kept Instagram followers pretty regularly updated on their baby girl. Because of this, fans have had the opportunity to see Felicity transform from a sleepy newborn to a wide-eyed 1-month-old. And judging by the comments on one of Jinger's recent photos of Felicity, fans are already trying to determine who she looks more like. So let's take a look, shall we?

Nearly a week ago, the new mom shared a sweet shot of her baby girl looking wide awake and intrigued by the camera. Jinger captioned the adorable photo with, "Those eyes. 😍." Jinger's followers didn't waste any time chiming in with their opinions about who Felicity looks more like.

Based on the comments, it seems that an overwhelming amount of Instagram users think she favors her mama. One Instagram user wrote, "What a gorgeous baby girl, oh my❤!!! Big, beautiful eyes like her pretty Mommy! 👸"

Another follower commented, "Looks just like her mama so precious!! 👶🏻 💕"

Yet another person wrote, "Big beautiful eyes like her mama."

Others seemed to think Felicity has inherited her mother's wide range of lively facial expressions. One of Jinger's followers wrote, "I never comment on pictures, but I just had to on this one!! She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to the family! 😍❤️🙌 And also, from the photos you have posted, she seems to share your facial expressions!!! "

Another person agreed, writing, "That’s a Jinger expression for sure! So cute 🙃 @jingervuolo😂👌"

Still there were a few people who saw something else entirely. One Instagram user commented, "Got your dad's nose."

Another person chimed in with, "Definitely her daddy’s daughter."

So which is it? Since Felicity is still pretty young, I think what we really need are photos of Jeremey and Jinger as babies for a point of comparison.

Back in June, Jeremy Vuolo shared throwback photos of both himself as a baby and his wife as a baby, In Touch Weekly reported. "I’d be lying if I said I haven’t prayed that God would let our little baby girl look just like her mama," the father-to-be wrote at the time. 'But don’t you want her to share at least *some* of your looks,' you ask? To which I would reply: 'See picture #2.'" In the first photo, baby Jinger looks adorable wearing a white dress and a a white crown. In the second photo, a quite rotund baby Jeremy is making a blobby face while hanging out in the bathtub. LOL. (For the record, I think both of them were cute ... just in different ways.)

Based on these two photos alone, I would have to agree with Jinger's Instagram followers: Felicity definitely has her mama's big eyes — and cute, slightly-sticking-out ears, in my opinion. With that said, I still think I see a little bit of Jeremy in her nose shape — but it still might be too early to tell for sure. After all, babies change so much during that first year.

One thing's for sure: At 1 month old, baby Felicity is just too darn cute. Whether we have her mama or her daddy to mostly thank for that is still up in the air. Hopefully, the Vuolos continue to share regular updates with their Instagram followers as their daughter grows. That way, maybe in a few months or so, fans can finally settle the debate.