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Someone Could Be In Danger On 'HTGAWM'

Every week, How to Get Away With Murder reveals a little bit more about the tragedy looming in its future. In "It's for the Greater Good," viewers got their first glimpse of Michaela after the mysterious event that caused the disappearance of Laurel's baby and Annalise. In the flash forward, a visibly shaken Michaela demanded to know if "he" was dead before collapsing in tears. But who does Michaela think is dead on HTGAWM?

There are a few possibilities, but the show wasn't explaining anything this early on in the season. There are many characters whose fate is up in the air in the future timeline: Connor, Oliver, and Asher have all been missing from the flash forward so far, which means any of them could be the unknown "he" Michaela was referring to. However, she could also be asking about Laurel's baby, who was revealed to be a boy in Episode 3.

Whatever happened that left a trail of blood in Annalise's hotel room and left Laurel screaming for her child had an impact on every member of the main cast, Michaela especially. Her disheveled appearance in the flash forward was almost as shocking as her assertion that someone must have died.

"It's for the Greater Good" cut abruptly from Michaela's major win at her new internship to two months later. After leaving Laurel's hospital room to frantically call Annalise, Isaac spotted a woman at the end of the hallway. Assuming it was Annalise, he ran over to her only to be greeted by someone who was nearly unrecognizable at first glance. The untidy coat covered in blood and tearstained cheeks were so far from Michaela's normally polished look that Isaac needed a moment to realize that it was her. She had obviously been through something immensely traumatic, though it's hard to say just what occurred.

The blood on Michaela's clothes could have indicated her involvement in what went down at Annalise's hotel room, though that's pure speculation at the moment. The first words out of Michael's mouth were, "Is he dead?" She immediately followed it with a resigned, "He's dead, isn't he? Everyone around us dies. That's what we do." While Isaac looked on in utter confusion, she broke down in tears and fell into his arms, sobbing that everyone dies. The camera pulled back so the audience could see that Michaela had been standing at the window of the maternity ward looking in at the newborns. That could be a major sign as to who she thought was dead.

Everything has to be connected in the flash forward. There's limited evidence to cobble together, but viewers know that Laurel's son is missing, there was a lot of blood at Annalise's place, and Michaela believes someone male to be dead. As some Twitter users have noticed, the obvious theory in that case would be that Michaela witnessed or aided in the early delivery of Laurel's baby, who did not survive. That was why Michaela was standing at the nursery window. It's a good theory based on the information at hand, but there's definitely more to this story than meets the eye. There is still so much that viewers don't know.

Laurel's son was the easiest guess when trying to puzzle out who Michaela believed to be dead, but he's not the only guess. Asher would be the second most likely possibility because of how distraught Michaela was, but she would likely be similarly devastated if Connor had been killed. Even Oliver would merit a tear or two, though they're not nearly as close.

Someone is going to die soon on HTGAWM, and there is no shortage of names to throw into the ring. Viewers would do well to keep an eye on how things unfold, because after Wes' death it's clear that no one is safe.

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