Neil Jacobs/Netflix

Who Does Rory End Up With In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? The Ex-Boyfriends All Return

(Warning: This post contains spoilers from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.) Whenever you meet a Gilmore Girls fan — and I mean a real Gilmore Girls fan — you ask them one question: Dean, Jess, or Logan. In that order. And, based by their response, you probably judge, just a little. Gilmore Girls fans are incredibly loyal to the show, but even more loyal to their team. So, the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix kind of felt like the one final time for Team Dean, Team Jess, and Team Logan fans to battle it out. So, who does Rory end up with in the Gilmore Girls revival?

It would not be that much fun if we got a straight answer, would it? The revival pays homage to every past boyfriend Rory has had. Seriously, they all make an appearance, but you already knew that since it was so widely reported throughout production. But, now that it is here, the question remains, who did she choose? Was it Dean, her first love, who she called "safe" while shopping at the mart? Was it Jess, the bad boy with a soft spot in his heart for her? Or was it Logan, the most adult relationship Rory had out of the three? Well, one of them is married with a another kid on the way, another is back in town (once in a while) with a seemingly no-strings-attached vibe going on, and the other is engaged to an heiress. So which one does Rory have a relationship with? Obviously the latter, Logan, because nothing is ever easy with these love triangles. (Let's do ourselves a favor and pretend Dean isn't in the running, because, let's be honest, he's not in the running.)

So, now that we've trimmed the fat, we've got Logan and Jess. Both viable options, other than the fact that Rory is having an affair with Logan, when he is engaged to an heiress named Odette. Jess, on the other hand, just doesn't have the chemistry he had with Rory all those years ago. That, or he wasn't given the time to have that chemistry. I'm open to both options, but would like to believe in the latter.

Technically, Rory ended the relationship with Logan, even though he seemed to be OK with continuing it. Honestly, their relationship seemed rather stable, besides the fact that it was an affair, and he had to sneak around. No one in that relationship deserves that. Which is why it kind of makes sense that they'd end it.

But, they ended it before the Final! Four! Words! Those four words basically set off a million questions in fans' minds, and you can't really blame them. Logan seems to be the most obvious choice for when it comes to the Who of the final four words. There's also Paul and the Wookie, but neither of those answers really satisfy the question at hand. Who is the father?

Right now, Rory isn't picking anyone. That's fair. It's sensible. It's very Gilmore Girls. But, that doesn't mean it won't drive fans crazy. We want answers, and I don't want to wait another 10 years for it.