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Who Does Wells End Up With On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Many Women Are Vying For Him

Once we circle the drain on a season of Bachelor in Paradise, it can be tricky to keep the excitement alive. Now that we're in Week 5, most of the couples are established and — with the exception of the occasional breakup or Grace meltdown — pretty boring. But in came Wells Adams at the eleventh hour to rekindle the fire in our collective loins (does anyone not like Wells? Because if so, I don't want to know you), and right behind him were more beautiful women to keep us entertained. So who does Wells end up with on Bachelor in Paradise? Producers definitely overwhelmed him.

While the Bachelor in Paradise contenders who showed up earlier mostly only had one or two people to really choose between, Wells showed up at the very end and was immediately shoved into going on a date with Ashley Iaconetti. Sparks flew, but the very next morning Jami Letain from Ben Higgins' season arrived on a mission, immediately giving Wells her date card. And previews show us that the next person to arrive is Shushanna Mkrtychyan, also from Ben's season, who also immediately sinks her teeth into Wells. So he has three very flirty, profoundly single women after him, none of whom have any other distractions in paradise, because he's the only unclaimed guy left. So what's a guy to do? Let's break it down.

Ashley Iaconetti

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It's true that Wells and Ashley were sort of smushed together by literally everyone in paradise — single and coupled. Everyone was so desperate to get Ashley's mind off Jared and her scorned love that they were happy to sing Wells her praises in an effort to get him to ask her on a date. After a quick chat in which Wells and Ashley mutually complimented one another's Instagram accounts, he decided to go for it, and the date actually went pretty well. They had great chemistry, talked about exes, kissed, ate tacos, and even fed a stray dog together. They really seemed to hit it off and we know from previews that things only get steamier between them. But in the interim, there are two more women Ashley has to fight off.

Jami Letain

Jami showed up with a mission to ask Wells out on a date, and producers may have gone out of their way to ensure it happened. She entered paradise early one morning while everyone else was still sleeping off their hangovers. The only person awake and roaming the resort was — surprise, surprise — Wells. While she could have waited around for the rest of the gang to wake up so she could interview some other prospective dates, she decided to take advantage of her unique situation and ask Wells out within minutes of meeting. And he accepted! Their date, which involved off-roading and taking a swim under a waterfall in matching bathing suits, was one of the more adventurous and romantic ones we've seen this season — especially since Wells gleaned the all-important information that she was an avid comic book reader.

As he astutely pointed out, when you have a beautiful woman talking to you about comics in front of a waterfall in Mexico — you kiss her. And they did. But he also paid her something of a backhanded compliment when he said in a cutaway interview, "It would be impossible not to feel a connection in this setting." This may be Wells acknowledging that they did have good chemistry, but it may have been manufactured by the romantic setting. And it's a good thing he's keeping his options open, because next week comes...

Shushanna Mkrtychyan

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Previews for upcoming episodes show the arrival of Shushanna, who didn't get much play on Ben's season except for being "the Russian one," but she, too, came with a plan to snag Wells. It looks like she also asks him (quite brazenly) on a date in front of everyone and he accepts again. In a cutaway interview, Wells says Shushanna is "like a sexy Bond villain," but he later confesses that he has feelings for "all three of these women."

So who does he choose? There hasn't been much evidence of Wells cozied up to anyone special since the show aired, but it's possible that he's keeping his relationship under wraps so as not to spoil anyone on how the season went down. There's also a lot more to his relationship with Ashley I., which we saw teased in very early previews but hasn't aired yet, so it seems like they have the longest way still to go. But a not-so-small part of me hopes Wells doesn't go home with anyone so that he can...just maybe...be the next Bachelor? A lady can hope.