ABC/Craig Sjodin

Colton's Hometown Picks On 'The Bachelor' *May* Surprise You

Nearly midway through Season 23 of The Bachelor, Colton is narrowing down contestants to only those he thinks could really win his heart. From the beginning, you may have had your favs, only to see a couple of them get the boot — or leave on their own. It's a season chock full of "what is even happening?" in the best kind of way. As the remaining ladies dwindle, you're likely re-writing your fantasy Bachelor league's final four and wondering who gets hometown dates on The Bachelor and who'll miss out on the chance to awkwardly introduce family members who may or may not have serious opinions about this whole TV romance thing.

If you peep the official ABC promo video for what's to come in the final weeks of Colton's love story, you'll see four prominent faces for the whole hometown adventure: Cassie, Caelynn, Tayshia, and Hannah G. However, Hannah B. — who was the first to confess she's falling in love with Mr. Underwood — is also part of the clip, meeting Colton's parents where it flashes to her saying "put a ring on it," followed soon after by that growl/hiss thing she does to claim her "territory."

After Monday's loss of Katie, Sydney, and Demi, it's getting real. Regardless of where Hannah B. stands at its finality, the popular vote — as far as hometowns are concerned — seems to stand with Cassie, Caelynn (who Colton appears to confess falling in love with), Hannah G. (who says she's falling for Colton), and Tayshia (who also claims to be falling in love). Mind you, this is a spoiler-free zone and is based on the preview clip and fan theories that are backed by shows that have aired, so it's possible the final four could be off by one contestant, give or take. Plus, just as hometowns are somewhat staged, those previews can't be trusted entirely (and include shots from the rest of the season; not only the next episode). I mean, it's show business, baby. Things are edited to make for good TV and a crying contestant followed by a supposed conversation may not be connected at all.

If the final four is as I've said, that means Colton will travel to Birmingham, Alabama for Hannah G.'s crew, Fredericksburg, Virginia to greet Caelynn's fam, Orange County, California to meet Tayshia's loved ones, and Huntington Beach, California to hang with Cassie's peeps. And, in true Bachelor fashion, the fantasy suites — with one or more of the final four — are on the horizon. With Colton's virgin-status, it's unclear if that remains intact after filming (and is honestly no one's business, but I digress). "I'm confused, I’m terrified, I'm nervous," Colton said in the promo clip. "I don’t know what the future holds for me. I feel more confused than ever."

With more than one woman "falling in love" with The Bachelor, I can imagine the confusion. The hometowns episode will reveal which contestant he can easily envision spending his life with, as it shows a different side of the women. As a man with a close-knit family, Colton is likely looking for someone with the same morals and values, along with things you'll only discover when witnessing the interactions between, say, Colton and his mom, and vice versa between the contestants and their parents, siblings, and relatives.

While promos reveal more TV coverage of the five women I mentioned, only four receive the hometown treatment so again, don't believe everything the clips show. It's a teaser, after all. No matter which hometowns Colton travels to on behalf of his final four, it's clear the former NFL player has some serious decision-making to do. Looks like it's time for more contemplative beach-walking to determine who "the one" should be.