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Who Has Tom Hiddleston Dated In The Past? There Have Been A Lot Of Rumors

It seems like there might not be anyone left to date these days that isn't a Marvel star. Just as the world was finally coming to grips with the (still unconfirmed) rumor that Jenny Slate is dating Captain America, also known as Chris Evans, a fresher, even juicier piece of gossip emerged: only a couple of weeks after breaking up with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift was photographed canoodling on a Rhode Island beach with Loki himself. But who has Tom Hiddleston dated in the past?While everyone's very familiar with Swift's track record, the same can't be said for her rumored partner.

Although Hiddleston's been linked to a fair amount of ladies, only one of them was actually confirmed as his girlfriend, and none were as well-known as pop superstar Swift. If Hiddleston plans to keep with his tradition of staying low key and secretive about his relationships, he sure picked the wrong woman to be spotted with, since Swift can't seem to go anywhere without being mobbed by paparazzi (seriously, who would even think to send a photographer to Rhode Island for some star stalking?). This is the third time the pair have been seen together (they famously has a dance-off at a party following the Met Gala in May, and according to the New York Daily News, they recently attended a Selena Gomez concert together). Let's take a look at who may have preceded Swift:

Susannah Fielding

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The only confirmed girlfriend of the bunch, British stage actor Susannah Fielding, is better known across the pond than in the United States. The pair reportedly split because Hiddleston wanted to focus on his career. "I am very driven right now and there isn’t really any time to have a proper girlfriend," Hiddleston told the Daily Mail in 2012.

Kat Dennings

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The Thor costars hit the red carpet for Entertainment Weekly and SyFy's Comic-Con 2010 party hand in hand, which seems like a statement to me, but they never actually admitted to a relationship. Dennings has also been linked to actor Nick Zano and singer Josh Groban, proving that some people really don't have a type.

Jessica Chastain

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Hiddleston sure does seem like a friendly costar! After filming Crimson Peak together (a movie that I was very interested in seeing, until some jerk on the internet spoiled it for me), rumors swirled that the two were dating. They sure do look chummy, but nobody outside of anonymous "sources" ever confirmed the coupling.

Lara Pulver

The Sherlock actress went to dinner with Hiddleston once. That's it. That's all the evidence that these two were ever together. Try harder, dating rumor mill!

Jane Arthy

Record executive Jane Arthy once attended a tennis match with Hiddleston and touched his arm, which of course means that they are secretly married with eight babies. Or maybe she just touched her friend's arm, as friends sometimes do.

Elizabeth Olsen

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Olsen was Hiddleston's costar (in 2015's I Saw the Light) and she went to dinner with him, so dating speculation was pretty much inevitable. However, this rumor was flat-out denied by Olsen in a Refinery 29 interview: "I mean, we definitely are friends and we've known each other for about four years. And we happened to be at a restaurant at a wrong time having dinner. We all go out to dinner." She also added (with what sounds like a touch of well-placed annoyance) that she'd previously been erroneously linked to her Avengers: Age of Ultron costars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner, as well.

Let this be a lesson: heterosexual men and women can be just friends. They can go out to dinner together. They can watch sports together. They can star in movies together. They can even sit on rocks in New England and make out together... although that last one's not all that common. Best of luck to Hiddleston and whoever he might be dating (wink wink).