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The Person Who Hit Paul On 'Grey's Anatomy' May Not Be Who You Think

Grey's Anatomy returned last Thursday and showed Jo coming face to face with her abusive husband, Paul Stadler, who is now engaged to another woman named Jenny. After attempting to warn Jenny that Paul was dangerous, Paul found out and threatened Jo, making her wish he was dead. Well her wish may come true, because it was revealed at the end of the episode that he'd been the victim of a hit and run. So who hit Paul on Grey's Anatomy?

Obviously there are a few key suspects to consider, but with Grey's it's often the least expected option that usually proves to be the right one, which means anyone could've done it. For all we know, it could've been a complete stranger or potentially one of Paul's other abuse victims. (I can't imagine that Jo was his first or last.) Who knows? Still that hasn't stopped fans from speculating the past week on what really went down with Paul. Although, if we're being honest, no one's really all that mad that it happened. To be clear, violence is never the answer, but if someone had to get hit by a car, I can't say I'm sad it was Paul. Regardless, let's see if we can try to figure who the culprit is before the truth is eventually revealed.

Alex Karev

Unfortunately, Alex is the most likely suspect. He beat up DeLuca just for thinking he hooked up with Jo and then tracked down Paul at a medical conference. Plus, Jo basically gave him the go ahead last week when she said she wished Paul was dead. Still, I think Alex has learned his lesson from his almost felony sentence and don't think he'd go to such a vast extreme again.

Jo Wilson

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If anyone has a motive to run Paul over with a car it'd definitely be Jo. But again, she seems too smart for that. Besides, unless she snuck out, there's no way Alex would've just let her go out and attack Paul. At least, not alone.


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Although Jenny was less than enthused about what Jo had to say about Paul, she may have been lying and knew the truth about her future husband all along. Paul could've easily become aggressive with her after they left the hospital and her interaction with Jo may have prompted her to take a drastic action. It would make sense if Jenny decided she needed to protect herself by getting rid of Paul — for good.


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Now this may sound kinda out there, but give me a chance to explain. Paul is obviously manipulative, and what better way to ruin Jo's life than by orchestrating a hit and run on himself and then framing the whole thing on her. Even in the preview for the next episode, Jenny tells Jo that she didn't tell the cops Jo was the one who did the hit and run. How would you even know that, Jenny? Did you actually see Jo driving the car or did Paul tell you to say that to Jo? Very suspicious, and it could prove to be his ultimate revenge on Jo for leaving him.


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Yes, I know the whole DeLuca/Jo storyline has been dropped now that DeLuca's sleeping with his ex, but let's not forget DeLuca is the first person Jo opened up to about her past. He knows firsthand what Paul put her through and while they're obviously not all that close right now, wouldn't it be quite the plot twist if it turned out DeLuca, of all people, was the one who ran over Paul? I'm just saying.

Hopefully we'll find out the truth about Paul's hit and run during Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, which airs at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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