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You've Definitely Seen This Comedian On TV Before His Netflix Special

A new standup special hit Netflix June 18 and the comedian might look familiar. If you're wondering, "who is Adam Devine?" there's a reason. You've probably seen him onscreen before. Best Time Of Our Lives on Netflix is his first stand-up special, but he's been in many popular TV shows and movies.

Devine plays Bumper in the first two Pitch Perfect movies (and he's involved in Pitch Perfect 4). He is also well known for Comedy Central's Workaholics and as Andy on Modern Family. He has also given other comics a start as the host of Adam Devine's House Party on Comedy Central. You might have also seen him on Netflix in When We First Met or Game Over, Man.

The Netflix special was filmed at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha, Nebraska, Devine's hometown. He seems really proud of his roots so it makes sense that this is where he'd choose to film his special. "I was able to give a lot of people their first shot on TV, and this is kind of my first shot doing stand-up on TV so I figured the best place to do it would be here in Omaha," Devine told David Earl for KETV in a Facebook live video. "I'm from here, I have a ton of family and friends here so I know the show will just be electric," he continued.

As for how Devine got started in the whole comedy biz, he told Ellen Degeneres in 2017, "I had one of those experiences that a lot of comics have where something sort of pushes you in," he said. "I was hit by a cement truck as a kid and I couldn't walk for like two years." He had always loved comedy, but the extra time to watch specials while recovering made him realize that he wanted to make a career out of it, he explained on the show. "I could've read books — I could be a doctor right now," he joked. "Instead I tell penis jokes on television. It is what it is." This is one of my favorite stories about how someone found their passion in life. I'm obviously glad he recovered, I just appreciate random life stories the most, and a cement truck is definitely a random foe.

Devine has come a long way since this defining accident. This isn't his first project with Netflix, and he told Earl why he loves being part of the team. "I love Netflix, man. It's amazing," he said. "It's also nice to go home and just turn on Netflix and you hear the 'bom bom' and you're like, 'Ok, I'm in for a treat.'"

Atiba Jefferson / Netflix

The streaming network is changing the stand-up comedy game and Devine is grateful that his material has the potential to reach people around the world. "All of these Netflix specials are all high quality and good and it's kind of cool to see all of these stand-ups kind of get a shot to a worldwide audience," he said.

If you're not sold on Devine yet, just check out the Netflix special streaming right now.