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A New Character Was Revealed On 'Jane The Virgin'

by Zakiya Jamal

There's a new face in Miami. Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey has arrived at the Marabella as Adam and fans can't help but wonder who is Adam on Jane the Virgin? It was revealed way back in April that Posey would be appearing on the show as someone from Jane's past, but the mystery of why he'd be on the show was, of course, kept under wraps. All fans knew, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, was that Adam was someone from Jane's past.

Many fans suspected Adam was the first love the narrator hinted at a while back and it turns out they were right. Now that Adam's role on the show has been revealed, it'll be interesting to see how his entrance into the show ends up impacting Jane's life going forward. Though it's uncertain just how long Posey will be sticking around, he will be continuing his role on the show into the fourth season. Whether or not this recurring role turns into a full time position remains to be seen, but it is worth noting that Teen Wolf is on it's last season. Could Jane the Virgin be Posey's new TV home?

Fans certainly hope so. Posey killed it in his first episode and though Jane the Virgin certainly has plenty of drama already, adding new characters only adds to the fun and Adam's reappearance in Jane's life is already a blast.

Just when Jane was ready to give up on destiny and the idea that anything was meant to be, Michael proved her wrong. Early on in the episode, Jane learned that Michael had written her a letter before they got married and was desperate to find it. Though she was sure the letter would be hidden in the secret hiding spot of their old apartment, it wasn't there.

However, at the end of the episode, just when Jane was preparing to tell Rafael she still had feelings for him, Rafael's assistant gave Jane the letter. Apparently, Adam had lived in the apartment some time after Jane and Michael and found the letter, but obviously he didn't realize it belonged to Jane, his first love. So when the couple that was living in the apartment now asked around about it for her, he was happily surprised to find out it was that same Jane.

And just like that, it looks like destiny once again helped Jane find love. Fans will have to wait until next season to see how her relationship with Adam pans out this time and what made them break up in the first place.