Bill Inoshita/CBS

Don't Underestimate Alex Ow On 'Big Brother 19'

Big Brother 19 premieres this month and while no wild and unprecedented plot twists have been teased or revealed just yet, viewers do know who the 16 houseguests are. The house theme this year is "Summer of Temptation," and among the houseguests navigating the heavily biblical temptation motifs (think lots of apples and snakes) is Alex Ow, positioning herself to be this year's petite, bubbly sleeper threat. So who is Alex Ow from Big Brother 19? The 29-year-old eco-friendly marketing rep is big on crafting and gaming, and she identifies her spirit animal as a sloth. So naturally, she's banking on being underestimated.

Executive producer Allison Grodner told told The Hollywood Reporter that this year's theme means "on opening night we have two different scripts and two different possibilities depending on what's going to happen." So it looks like the decisions Alex makes early on will deeply affect how her time in the house plays out. In Alex's pre-show interview, she mentioned that former houseguest Nicole was a big influence of hers, admiring how she both got America to love her by losing her first run and got to win the game by coming back for a second season. It sounds like Alex is gunning to be a Big Brother legacy contestant more than she's looking to win on her first try.

Said Alex of her strategy in her Big Brother bio:

Standing at my fun-sized, 5-foot-nothing height might make me look like an easy target, and I anticipate that people in the house will overlook me and confuse my kindness for weakness. But I play for the long end game and that's to win. If they see me as a non-threat, I can fly under the radar until the stronger players are weeded out. Once this happens, I can show my true colors, but still play as a "weakling." You don't want to show too much strength right away, but you want to be strong enough that people keep you in their alliances.I may be small but my mind is sharp. I can manipulate anyone, including boys! You don't want to show your cards all at once.

She's open to a possible showmance, but the California native is more interested in forming alliances with the guys, since they seem to go farther in the game than female contestants. You can tune into Big Brother to see how she does when it premieres on CBS this Wednesday, June 28.