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Everything 'Teen Mom OG' Fans Need To Know About Andrew Glennon, Amber Portwood's Boyfriend

by Korey Lane

In the months since Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood announced that she's expecting her second child, you may be curious about who exactly Andrew Glennon, Portwood's boyfriend, is. If you tune into the reality series regularly, you might recognize him. He's already made his television debut — in fact, Portwood officially announced her relationship with Glennon in a January episode of the show — but there's a lot more to him than being Portwood's other half.

News of Portwood's second pregnancy was revealed last November, according to People, and she's since taken to Instagram to confirm the news herself. In Decemeber, the mom-to-be also confirmed that she's indeed expecting with 33-year-old Glennon. "Little baby Glennon is on his way," she captioned an illustration of an ornament that revealed the baby's sex, a boy.

Portwood and Glennon, who's a cinematographer and originally from California, actually met when Portwood was filming Marriage Boot Camp with her ex, Matt Baier, according to People. At the time, Glennon was working on the production team of the show, but when Portwood and Baier broke up, Glennon apparently made his move, the publication reported. According to People, Portwood told a MTV producer, "When I did Boot Camp with Matt, he ran the lights or whatever … he was pretty much saying he related to my story."

So who is Portwood's new boyfriend? Aside from being a member of the production team member for Marriage Boot Camp, he and Portwood seem to relate on more than one level and here's why. As diehard Teen Mom fans know, 27-year-old Portwood is a single mother and by starring on the classic MTV reality show for years now, she's allowed viewers an inside look into her life and personality. In doing so, Portwood has opened up about her own struggles, including those surrounding her mental health and struggles with addiction.

In May of 2017, Portwood revealed on an episode of Teen Mom OG that she had been "re-diagnosed for Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorder," according to People. "I’ve been taking three medications now that I need to take for the rest of my life," she said, according to People. "I can’t, I can’t get pregnant on this medication." This all happened when she was dating her ex-fiancé, Baier. It was shortly after this that she went on Marriage Boot Camp and ultimately met Glennon.

Portwood explained, according to People, that meeting Glennon wasn't exactly something she expected would turn into anything. According to People, Portwood said that after Glennon approached her on Marriage Boot Camp, she was skeptical, explaining:

He wasn’t trying to f— with me. He sounded very sweet. I want to meet him first off-camera, away from everybody so I can get a feel for him, and kind of see if it’s anything I want to pursue. You never know, we might not ever have anything in common and just be like, "Okay, it was a good ride for a couple of days."

Looking back on Glennon's life, though, it make sense that the two would be able to relate to each other as he's had his own fair share of hard times and it seems as though the two have found solace in each other.

Speaking to Radar Online in September 2017, Glennon revealed that after his father died, and his mother beat breast cancer, he nearly died, too. "Depression, drinking and throwing my heart through any open door. It nearly cost my life," he told the outlet.

From the looks of Portwood's Instagram, Glennon has met her daughter, 9-year-old Leah, though it reportedly got off to an awkward start, according to CafeMom. Despite any initial awkwardness, it seems as though the two get along, having spent New Year's together as well as doing a little sight-seeing with Portwood, of course. Unlike Portwood, Glennon doesn't have a much social media presence, though his private Instagram account boasts more than 12,000 followers.

Fortunately, it seems like Glennon and Portwood have truly found bliss with each other. And now that the couple is expecting their first child together, it looks like their little family is really coming together and they couldn't be happier to start this journey together.

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