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Who Is Arabella Rose Kushner? She's Part Of The Trump Family

by Kenza Moller

With her differing last name and her young age, she's not someone you would associate with Republican nominee Donald Trump — but Arabella Rose Kushner is Ivanka Trump's eldest daughter and one of Donald Trump's seven grandchildren. Kushner was Ivanka and Jared Kushner's first child, born in 2011, and she's now an older sister to 2-year-old Joseph Frederick and newborn Theodore James. (As the eldest sibling and the only girl of the bunch, she must play Beyoncé's "Run The World" on repeat.)

Ivanka Trump has been very open in sharing about her children, so the world has learned plenty about Arabella in her five short years. For example, she doesn't like her younger brother's singing (in a video shared in June, Arabella adorably plugged her ears while Joseph sang "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music). She can also sing in Mandarin, and likes to throw the occasional impromptu Chinese New Year celebration before bedtime.

When the family welcomed baby Theodore home in March, Ivanka told People that she wasn't worried about Arabella adapting to the new addition. "My daughter is very independent, plus she’s incredibly confident of her place within the home," she said. "She is the boss of her brother — there was no ambiguity in her mind that Theodore would answer to her." (Who run the world? Girls!)

Arabella also gardens with her mother, and enjoys collecting the vegetables and carting them over to the kitchen. Ivanka has called her eldest "a goofball" who loves to read and is "fiercely independent." In an interview with People, Ivanka said Arabella surprised her by never experiencing any separation anxiety. Instead, the 5-year-old has always been quite comfortable on her own, although Arabella already joins her mother for weekly lunch dates, and she and Joseph join Ivanka at work now and again.

I think involving them in a natural way into my passions is important," Ivanka told Yahoo! Parenting. "Now Arabella knows her way around a floor plan, the color coding. I think it’s really fun to expose them to the cool things I do."

As for Arabella and her siblings' relationship with their grandfather? They haven't really picked up on the fact that their grandpa is running for president, according to Ivanka. However, she told Yahoo! that her father is "really, really amazing with the kids. They see him most weekends during the summer."

These days, Arabella and her siblings likely see their grandpa on TV pretty often, as well, but other than that, they're just kids enjoying being kids.