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Who Is Ariana Grande Dating Now?

Ariana Grande is known for giving lots of love to her fans but she's pretty private when it comes to personal love life. So who is Ariana Grande dating now? Her and Ricky Alvarez have been together since this summer when they were spotted licking, yes licking, donuts together in California last July. Alvarez was one of her backup dancers and they are actually a pretty cute couple. Or at least a pretty touchy-feely couple. After being spotted smooching over powdered donuts this summer, the pair were last seen having a PDA-fest at an MTV Video Music Awards after party this past fall.

According to Hollywood Life, Grande tried to play it cool. A source told the celebrity news site that Alvarez "wouldn’t leave her sight and was constantly whispering in her ear and making her laugh," at the party hosted by Republic Records. "They shared a few kisses, but she was definitely on high alert with all the cameras around, so she just stuck to holding hands over major PDA," the source told them, so she must have learned her lesson from the bakery incident.

Alvarez has also show that he's aware of the attention Grande gets from other guys. In January, fellow pop star Justin Bieber liked a few of Grande's Instagram pics, and Alvarez was quick to respond.

Bieber allegedly commented on a now deleted video that Ariana looked good. According to Buzzfeed, he commented, "Damn u look good." Alvarez promptly shut that down telling Bieber "keep looking player."

Overall, Alvarez seems like a good guy, at least judging from his Instagram account. He posts lots of pics of himself hanging out in L.A. and isn't shy about feeling all the feels for Grande. Over the Christmas holiday, he posted a pic that just said "Ariana Grande. Christmas and chill." Oh, young love. He randomly will post a proud shot of Grande doing her thing, but mainly there are just pictures of him taking pictures (very meta) and hanging out with his friends. Aside from being an aspiring photographer and backup dancer, Alvarez is also into carpentry, which everyone knows is the dreamiest job ever.

All in all, it looks like post-Big Sean Ariana is doing pretty well for herself in the love department.