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Aziz Ansari Talks About Love, Relationships, & His New Girlfriend In 'Right Now'

If you’ve ever seen Aziz Ansari on stage, you know that he’s comfortable talking about his personal life, and his new Netflix stand-up special Right Now is no different. The comedian tackles things like wokeness, culture, and his controversial past, but he also shares a few details about his love life. He reveals that he’s currently in an interracial relationship, which has viewers wondering who Aziz Ansari’s girlfriend is.

According to People, Ansari is reportedly dating Serena Skov Campbell, a Danish Ph.D. student who he’s been spotted with on numerous occasions. Campbell is a physicist specializing in plasmonics (the study of electromagnetic fields), reported The Daily Mail, and she’s been studying in London for the last ten years. The couple has been seen out and about, cozying up at sporting events and smooching while shopping around New York City.

Ansari and Campbell haven’t confirmed their relationship on social media, but they also aren’t trying to hide it. On her Instagram page, Campbell has given plenty of shoutouts to Ansari and his new tour, and she recently shared some behind-the-scenes pictures from the Netflix special. “Aziz’s special "Right now" is out on @netflix tomorrow (9th),” she captioned the post. “So incredibly proud of him and all the work and dedication he has put into making this hour. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I have.”

Although not by name, Ansari confirms he’s dating a Danish woman in Right Now, when discussing the blowback he gets for being in an interracial relationship. “I’m in a relationship right now, yeah, a very wonderful woman,” he says, as he jokes about the old-school and modern versions of intolerance he faces. “This is the person I have a deep connection with. That’s very hard to find.”

He goes on to joke about her Danish roots and how she doesn’t always understand the blatantly racist remarks she comes across in the U.S.. “My girlfriend, she’s Danish, so she doesn’t even understand some of the racism we deal with sometimes,” jokes Ansari. “Because, you know, they don’t have the same kind of racism in Denmark. Just culturally, it’s different, because they don’t have any other races. Just Danish people and the closest thing they’ve got to minorities is rye bread.”

Since the infamous Babe.net article released last year — in which a woman accused Ansari of sexual misconduct that he insists was consensual — Ansari has been laying low. But in his new stand-up special, he takes out some time to address the issue, and talks about how it made him a more mindful person.

"There's times I felt scared, there's times I felt humiliated, there's times I felt embarrassed, and ultimately I just felt terrible that this person felt this way," he whispered to the audience at the beginning of the show. "After a year or so, I just hope it was a step forward. It moved things forward for me, made me think about a lot. I hope I've become a better person — If this made not just me but other people be more thoughtful, then that's a good thing, and that's how I feel about it."

As a huge fan of Ansari, I’m glad that he was able to learn from his past mistakes and own up to them with his audience, and I hope that he’s bringing that new perspective to his relationship with Campbell as well.

Right Now is currently streaming on Netflix.