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Who Is Camila Cabello Dating? You May Not See Him On The Red Carpet Anytime Soon

"Havana" songstress Camila Cabello will be performing at upcoming and much-anticipated 2019 Grammy Awards, but will the star stroll the red carpet alone? Who is Camila Cabello dating? It turns out, the musician is conveniently in love with a relationship expert, and, honestly, that must really come in handy.

Cabello, 21, met her match in British dating expert Matthew Hussey, who she met on the set of the Today show, as per E! News.

Cabello, named Artist of the Year at last year's MTV Video Music Awards, has had a breakthrough year, touring and being lauded with various awards, all of which is documented on her Instagram account.

With sudden fame as a solo artist, it's good the former Fifth Harmony singer has a solid support system she can lean on. The singer has a strong bond with family and friends.

Cabello, who was born to Cuban and Mexican parents and grew up in Miami, as Rolling Stone noted, has found a match in Hussey, a New York Times Bestseller on what women need to know in relationships. (Hint: get real if his actions show he's just not that into you. You've heard this before, but maybe not from a cute guy with a posh accent).

"He’s so similar to me,” the singer gushed about Hussey to Marie Claire, adding that having him see her perform makes her nervous. "In person, we’re just weird and silly and stupid together. He makes me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life."

Still, it's not likely that you'll see him on the Grammys red carpet. Cabello told Billboard that she's a bit uneasy about making their relationship overly public.

Cabello — who People noted spent much of last year juggling her own tour plus appearing in pal Taylor Swift's — should be able to take a second and just enjoy her life — with her partner or without.

After all, Marie Claire confirmed that "Havana" is Spotify’s most-streamed song by a woman ever, having totaled over a billion streams. Wow.

Not that the musician will have time to chill back home anytime soon. At the Grammys, entertainment website Headline Planet confirmed that she will take the stage during the first hour of the show, along with Shawn Mendes and Maren Morris, no doubt to keep the energy high with newer, very successful faces.

The singer, who told Marie Claire her hit "Never Be the Same" is about an intense relationship — though it's not entirely clear who the song is about — is also rumored to be pondering a turn in a film version of West Side Story, as per the magazine. (She says that she's probably not, but come on, how epic would she be as Maria?)

The star, who's spent time recording her next album, told Billboard magazine, "Getting to do shows where people are singing words that I wrote back to me was a completely mind-boggling new experience ... The last year was definitely the best year of my life."

Let's hope that Cabello, a fan of fantastical concepts such as the Harry Potter franchise and everything Disney, as Billboard added, will have a magical evening when she takes to the stage Sunday. I really can't wait!