Candace's Boyfriend Is Heading To 'Floribama Shore' & He's Bringing The Drama

In the Floribama Shore house sparks tend to fly between the cast mates. This was definitely the case between Codi and Candace this season, but Candace but a stop to it before anything between them could really get off the ground. Why? Because Candace is already seeing someone. So who is Candace's boyfriend on Floribama Shore?

His name is Gator Jay and that's about all fans know about him so far. The subject of Gator came up in last Monday's episode when Candace and Codi started getting really close. The pair danced together and Codi asked Candace out on a date and she seemed to agree, after much persuasion. However, their flirtation was short lived because by the time they got to the house they got into a small fight in which Candace questioned how legitimate Codi's feelings for her were since he flirted and made out with other girls regularly.

Codi claimed he was only with those girls to make Candace jealous, even saying that he only spent last summer with Aimee to make Candace jealous, which was seriously messed up. At first, Candace agreed to give Codi a chance. But after talking to Gator she decided to remain loyal, calling off the date with Codi.

Gator then told Candace that he'd be coming to visit, especially because she chose to stay loyal to him and respect their relationship. So all seemed good for Candace, but Codi, who was presumably heartbroken, was out for revenge. When the group went out again, Codi was determined to make Candace jealous by flirting and making out with every girl in sight. Candace tried to enjoy herself and ignore him, but Codi made it next to impossible.

In what seemed like an attempt to get back at Codi, Candace later revealed to Aimee that Codi said he only hung out with her over the summer to make Candace jealous. This, rightfully, made Aimee quite upset, and she ended up crying in the car. "Why would Codi say that? Everybody already knows I feel like sh*t about myself," she said. "I thought he was my best guy friend."

Once everyone arrived back at the house "sh*t hit the fan," as Nilsa put it. Codi and Candace ended up getting into another fight, and that pretty much closed out the episode. On the next episode, Gator is set to arrive and the house is eager to meet him. They also struggle to take him seriously because his name is Gator, which of course pisses Candace off.

In a sneak peek, Candace is seen getting into with Gus, calling him immature for refusing to call Gator by his name and calling all the guys "petty men." Gus then takes a step further by saying Candace doesn't even deserve to be called a woman, which shocks everyone in the house.

"What Gus said was so out of left field, like I don't even know where that came from," Nilsa says in the clip.

When Candace then asks Gus what she deserves to be called, he doesn't answer, saying, "Nah I'm good." Obviously, Gator's arrival is already stirring up the house before he even gets there and it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. My money is on this not ending well. Between Codi's continued feelings for Candace and likely jealousy of Gator and now Gus' refusal to call the man by his name, it'll be shocking if a few more fights don't break out. Hopefully, whatever happens, Candace won't end up single by the end of it.

Floribama Shore airs on Monday nights on MTV at 10 p.m. ET.