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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Cassie On 'The Bachelor'

If you've been watching Season 23 of The Bachelor, you probably already have opinions as to who Colton will end up with. One of the internet's top picks is a 23-year-old California gal named Cassie. Even Colton himself has hinted at the major chemistry between the two and there's still a ways to go before anything is confirmed. You already know about pot-stirrer Demi, and have probably had enough of the Hannah B. and Caelynn beauty pageant feud, but who is Cassie on The Bachelor? You might want to take notes, FYI.

If you don't remember, Cassie is the contestant who brought a box of fake butterflies to represent her nerves after stepping out of the limo to meet Colton for the first time. It wasn't over-the-top or cheesy, but sweet and a fitting introduction for someone who appears to be genuine and real. Cassie's ABC bio says she "grew up at the beach and is an avid surfer." Aside from that, she graduated from Biola University in 2016 with a B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Since then, Cassie has been hard at work towards obtaining a masters degree in speech pathology from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She's set to graduate in 2020.

According to her Linkedin, Cassie works as a substitute ESL teacher at Huntington Beach Adult School and Huntington Beach Union High School District and her ultimate goal being that she opens her own private practice to help kids. Aww. With two cats — Goose and Maverick (hello, Top Gun ref!) — it's clear she has a big heart The same bio even goes as far as saying the one thing she'd never do for love is "turn her back on her family." Loyalty is in her blood. Plus, if Colton ever feels the need to do something a little outrageous, she's been skydiving. Can you say "complete package?"

If you were to peep Cassie's Instagram, you'd find tons of snapshots with her friends and family, Goose and Maverick, and the occasional inspirational pic. Her fans are loving it — all 288k of them — and who can blame them? Whether you're a hard core Cassie fan who thinks she'll make it all the way, or not, you can't deny the pleasing aesthetic her page provides. It's beachy, bright, and all things a future Mrs. Underwood would likely post.

When perusing Cassie's pics you may think you're seeing double, but have no fear — that's Cassie and look-alike sister, Michelle. Sis is also an actress. She's been in House of the Witch, a 2017 horror flick, and A Snow White Christmas, a made-for-tv movie. The two once had a Youtube Channel and joint Instagram together called Double Mumble, according to Pop Sugar, though both have been deleted (probably due to Bachelor Nation conflicts). And that's not the only reality situation Cassie's been in to prep for The Bachelor. She also starred in an online reality series called Young Once, about Biola University college students. In fact, Season 1 tracked Cassie's love life with then boyfriend, Caelan Tionson. Obviously, Cassie has the whole reality romance thing down. Season 2 airs in February and also stars sister, Michelle.

Whether you're on the Cassie bandwagon or not, it's time to stop whatever you're doing and pay full attention where it's due. The girl can surf, she's compassionate in her work with kids, and, so far, has maintained a drama-free life in the Bachelor mansion. Maybe she's actually there for all the right reasons and she and Colton will live happily ever after, or something. Either way, I can't help but wonder if Goose and Maverick will get a say.

The Bachelor airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.