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Who Is Chase On 'The Bachelorette'? There's More To Him Than Looking Like The Other Guys

Chase McNary won over a huge piece of Bacherlor Nation's collective heart when he crafted a sweet mini-date for JoJo during Week 2, in which he brought a piece of his hometown (Denver, Colorado) to her. Since he didn't snag a one-on-one date, he apparently bribed some poor Bachelor intern to rig up a device that would make it snow over his and JoJo's fireside chat during the cocktail party. He also brought mittens for her and explained that winter was his favorite season. It seemed to win her over, but who is Chase on The Bachelorette?

Besides sharing a city of residence with JoJo's ex-Bachelor boyfriend, he works as a medical sales rep after graduating from Colorado State University, where he was in a fraternity. Before becoming a real estate agent, JoJo also worked in medical sales, and Ben Higgins worked as a tech sales rep, too. The other trait Chase and Ben share is a deep connection to religion. A testimony video Chase made in 2014 for Denver's Mosaic Church has been making the internet rounds, not only because it depicts how devoted Chase is to his faith, but also because it includes details of his backstory we surely would have to wait several more weeks to learn about on the show.

In the video, he reveals that religion wasn't actually a part of his upbringing and that he was, in fact, sort of judgmental about it. But then he tells a story about how he dated a woman named Rachel who was super Christian. He thought the relationship was doomed because they were so different, so he moved to California and they broke up. While on the west coast, he started researching religion and making spiritual connections after reading Neale Donald Walsch's book Conversations with God. He moved back to Colorado, reconnected with Rachel The Ex, told her about his literal come to Jesus moment, and started going to church. They got back together, but he wound up losing his job.

That's all the info we get from the video itself. Other details from some casual LinkedIn stalking include that he plays guitar, hockey, and rugby, in addition to enjoying snowboarding, which we learn from the mini-date episode. We don't know when Chase and Rachel broke up, but 2014 wasn't that long ago, and it sounds like this was a really meaningful relationship to him. Hopefully for JoJo, he's genuinely moved past it enough to be ready for another serious relationship.