Everything You Need To Know About Cheyenne Floyd's Dad

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd's has a large and supportive family that she can lean on whenever she needs help with her 1-year-old daughter, Ryder. But in a recent episode of TMOG, Floyd and her dad got into a heated fight about her now ex-boyfriend, Zach. The explosive drama now has some fans wondering who Cheyenne Floyd's dad is and where their relationship stands today.

Before joining Teen Mom OG, Floyd attended Hampton University in Virginia, and she also starred on Are You The One and The Challenge. Floyd then conceived a child with her Challenge co-star, Cory Wharton, and she gave birth to their daughter, Ryder, in April 2017.

Of course, starring on multiple TV shows and giving birth to a baby within a short time span can cause a lot of stress. The good news is Floyd has plenty of people in her corner to help her out, including her dad, Rodrick "Kyle" Floyd, her mom, Margaret Floyd, a sister who goes by "R KyleLynn," and a step-father, David James Bowdre, to name a few.

But Floyd's ideal home life hit a speed bump on the Oct. 8 episode of TMOG, when Wharton revealed a big secret to Kyle. For some reason, Wharton thought it would be an awesome idea to tell Kyle that Zach and Floyd were living together, even though he knew that topic was off-limits. Kyle, a protective dad, was blindsided and unhappy about the news.

Once Floyd became aware that Wharton spilled the beans, she tried to have a conversation with Kyle about it. The exchange quickly became heated, and Kyle told Floyd that there are "conditions" to his love. Upset by the news that her dad supposedly doesn't love her unconditionally, Floyd left the discussion in a fit of rage.

Although it's not yet clear how the situation will end, it's obvious Floyd and Kyle have enjoyed a close relationship throughout the years. Kyle was present for Ryder's birth, and he held Floyd's hand before she got an epidural.

As for Floyd's upbringing with Kyle? Her sister R KyleLynn wrote that she and Floyd came from a "successful, open-minded Black family," and that "free thought, self-expression, and kindness have always been a way of life within the Floyd Family."

Kyle's background is as equally impressive — after he graduated from the University of Southern California with a Business Administration and Management degree, in 1998 he launched Image Quest Plus, LLC, a company that serves "corporate litigation departments and business community with document reproduction and scanning services," according to LinkedIn.

Whatever happens with Floyd's dad this season on TMOG, there's a good chance Wharton will support her no matter what. “We’re good. We’re best friends," Floyd said about her relationship with Wharton, according to Us Weekly. "We work together with everything and put everything into Ryder. So we have a good relationship.” How sweet.

Although Floyd's conversation with Kyle about her living situation was understandably hurtful, one can hope they'll work it out. Ryder deserves to have her grandpa in her life, and there's no doubt the two love each other.