Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Chris Brown From 'Below Deck' Already Seems To Have A Strong Personality

Hey all you scallywags, Below Deck is back cruising the Caribbean, and with it come some new faces, not all of which are charming. Which brings me to one new deckhand in particular. Who is Chris Brown on Below Deck, you may be wondering? Well, from what I can tell, it looks like he definitely has a big personality. He is, of course, not to be confused with the musical artist Chris Brown who I also have some very, um, strong feelings about.

I don't know this Chris Brown well enough as a public figure to truly judge him yet. But if the bio he has on Bravo's Below Deck website is any indication, he just might prove himself to be very unlikable. Obviously, all of this is pure speculation and the somewhat incendiary things written here could just be a ploy to get my attention. If this is the case, well played. If not, and Chris turns out to be who he appears to be in this bio, well then I feel free to despise him from afar, here safe behind my computer screen. It's not that he has said anything overtly offensive, he just appears to be the sort of dude who begs for attention. And there is something about that quality that drives me up a wall.

Chris' interests are wide, apparently. "He highly enjoys food, extreme sports, physical fitness, charming women and living anything but an ordinary life." Because "women" are an interest, just like bungee jumping or sea scallops with beurre blanc. He also claims that "He holds a powerful, polarizing personality that clashes with people as often as it melds with them." This is the sort of thing that obnoxious people say, as if being proud of their own obnoxiousness somehow excuses it. Anyone who says they have a "powerful, polarizing personality" is probably going to be offensive. I'm sorry, but that's just true.

According to previews of the show, Chris is going to be one of the three men all trying to date fellow newbie crew-member Brianna. If Chris is anything like this bio seems to indicate, I really hope that Brianna chooses one of the other guys (if she chooses any of them at all). Obviously, I don't know if I'm right on or completely off base here. (Apologizes to Chris if he turns out to be a super awesome dude.) The show hasn't aired yet, but as the Maya Angelou quote goes, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." So until I'm shown otherwise, I'm just going to take Chris Brown at his word.