Nick Meets Corinne’s Dad On ‘The Bachelor’

If you made the fatal mistake of blinking during Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, then you may be surprised to learn that we are somehow already at hometown dates. And miraculously, iconically, Corinne is still in the game. That means the moment we have been waiting for all season is here: we get to meet Raquel. But the rest of Corinne's family is just as entertaining. Her dad, for example, packs a punch with his thick Jersey accent and gold chain. So who is Corinne's dad on The Bachelor? Jim Olympios has a personality just as big as his daughter's.

He's also a manager at ArmorGarage Inc., that multi-million dollar company that Corinne "runs," even though, according to People, the company is valued at under $1 million. They do, however, supply floor coating for clients as big as the U.S. military and Fortune 500 companies. Jim is a Jersey City, New Jersey native, who now lives in Miami, Florida with his family (including Corinne, who still lives at home). Unsurprisingly, he seemed most concerned with whether Nick will be able to financially support Corinne when "all of this" (wild gestures to the cameras) is gone. Pretty sure Bachelor branding makes one Instagram-famous and thus, highly marketable, for life, but it's a fair question. Especially considering Corinne's spending habits.

For the "date" portion of Corinne's hometown date, she literally just took Nick shopping at a fancy mall and bought him a $3000+ outfit while he broke out into hives. Thankfully, dinner with the Olympioses was a little more down-to-earth, and her family, including Raquel, embraced Nick pretty wholeheartedly.

While Jim's concerns about Nick being able to financially provide for his daughter seemed a little regressive at first blush, he actually turned out to be super woke! In a private conversation, he asked Corinne if she'd be okay with being the breadwinner in her relationship if Nick never made her kind of money. She said yes and Jim was supportive! In fact, it was only Nick that seemed uncomfortable with the arrangement when Jim relayed the conversation back to him.

It would have been cool if Nick could get 100 percent behind the idea of his partner making more money than him, like Corinne and her family obviously are, but he held onto the hope that he'd be the one bringing pulling in most o the wealth. (Although, even if he did, would he feel comfortable spending $800 of that wealth on cropped joggers?) In any case, Corinne's dad was definitely supportive of the relationship overall, and it was extra adorable to learn that he also speaks about himself in the third person with Corinne.