Corinne's Nanny Is The Real 'Bachelor' Star

One of The Bachelor Season 21's contestants has already coalesced into the show's villain, thanks to her nonconsensual sexual advances, her competitive attitude towards the other women's relationships with Nick, and her questionable adulting. I am, of course, referring to Corinne, the 24-year-old Miami native who claims to run her parents' multi-million dollar business, while all of her social profiles only seem to outline her modeling and acting career. But the most memorable bit of Corinne's intro package is undoubtedly the revelation that she still has her childhood nanny. So who is Corinne's nanny on The Bachelor? Raquel is poised to become this season's star family member.

Much like JoJo Fletcher's mom became an instant Bachelor Nation sensation after the cameras caught her swigging directly from the champagne bottle during Ben's hometown visits (arguably contributing to JoJo's subsequent casting as The Bachelorette), Raquel has everyone talking. We only see her very briefly in Corinne's intro package, which was shot in her Miami home, when Corinne politely asks that Raquel please bring her the snack she has prepared: literally just a bowl of cut up cucumbers. Corinne goes on to gush about how heavily she relies on her nanny, and admits that if she ever moved out of her parents' house, Raquel would obviously come with.

It looks like Corinne and Raquel are a package deal, and if Nick wants to get with her, he has to be compatible with Raquel too. We do know from a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Nick eventually finds out about Raquel during filming. Apparently, another contestant reveals the information to him. "While I certainly appreciate the potential red flags of a grown woman having a nanny, I also thought to myself, 'Huh, what are the benefits?'" he joked to Kimmel. "'If this works out, do I also get the nanny?'"

Unfortunately, Raquel isn't exactly easily accessible on LinkedIn, so it's difficult to find substantial information about this woman who is obviously a saint. That doesn't mean that someone hasn't already started a Twitter parody account of her, though. @CorinnesNanny has already been claimed and is churning out fire tweets. (Bio: "Taking Care of Corinne 24/7. All her needs. Snacks. Drinks. Tweeting. It's Corinne's World. (I'm just her nanny living in it.)") And for her part, Corinne is already well aware of the attention that's being brought to Raquel, who she is quick to defend on social media.

Hopefully, if Corinne makes a successful bid for Nick's heart, she'll make it far enough into the competition for him to finally meet Raquel. Remember, she doesn't necessarily have to make it to hometowns for them to meet. Ben met Hailey and Emily's mom when the group took a trip to Las Vegas. Miami is a similarly attractive destination date spot, so who knows what could happen?