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What's DeMario Been Up To Post-'Bachelorette'?

If social media is good for anything, it's figuring out what's happening in Bachelor contestants' lives after their time on the show ends. When a suitor is kicked off in a dramatic way, the curiosity is certainly greater than with someone who just didn't get a rose. Thanks to the internet, it's more and more likely that viewers can find out what the suitor has been up to. Take DeMario, who was disgracefully eliminated last Monday's episode after his girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend?), Lexi, showed up. So who is DeMario dating now after The Bachelorette? He didn't have a chance with Rachel.

In case you missed the second episode of the season — and have been completely avoiding the internet ever since — Lexi, DeMario's so-called "on again/off again" girlfriend showed up to the basketball group date to let Rachel know who DeMario really was. Lexi said that they were still dating when DeMario appeared on After the Final Rose, and she showed Rachel text messages to prove it. In that moment, Rachel showed that she is perhaps the best Bachelorette ever, and told DeMario, "I'm gonna need you to get the f*ck out." While he tried to weasel his way back into the mansion, Bachelor Nation can tell that she's having none of that.

So, now that there's been a few months between the filming and airing of the DeMario drama, what's he been up to? He has Twitter and Instagram accounts that are public, but they are fairly new: His first tweet was May 17 and his first Instagram post was April 28. Most of his posts are actually about his time on The Bachelorette, and make fun of how he was portrayed. There's not much personal information there, not even about his job (according to his bio on ABC's website, he's an executive recruiter).

DeMario's social media presence doesn't indicate that he has another woman in his life. In an interview with Glamour before shooting for the season began, he said he doesn't want to settle. "I refuse to settle, to be average, to be basic," he explained. "Plus, I’m at that age where I’m not just dating to date; I’m dating to get married." Perhaps DeMario hasn't found the right person after Lexi and Rachel, so he's being quiet on that front. Seeing that DeMario is a magnet for drama, Bachelor Nation will have to see if a new love interest comes into his life.