'Stranger Things' Season 2 Introduced An Intriguing New Character

Warning: spoilers from Episode 1 ahead! The first episode of Stranger Things Season 2 introduced a few new characters to the regular cast as it set up the mysteries that would drive the second season of the show. One character got a brief — but definitely intriguing — introduction that surely has viewers wondering: who is Eight on Stranger Things? She's one of the first people viewers have met who has abilities like Eleven, and that could be huge.

Eight, who goes by the name Kali, wasn't in the premiere episode very much. She only appeared in the first five minutes or so, but it was enough to make a serious impact even if (unfortunately) it didn't impart much information about who she is or what she is doing. Kali was part of a new group of unknown characters who were committing a robbery while wearing Halloween masks. As they fled the scene, they were immediately tailed by the police. The first sign that there was something unusual about Kali was her ability to tell the getaway driver the perfect turns to take to evade the cops, almost as though she could predict the right route psychically.

Being a human Google Maps wasn't the extent of Kali's abilities, however, as soon became clear.

The police were gaining on the group, but that didn't prove to be a problem for long. As they approached a tunnel, Kali brought a hand up into a fist and closed her eyes before saying a single word: "Boom." The entrance to the tunnel exploded. The diversion allowed the group to escape, and also caused the police cars to crash into each other, effectively ending the chase. When it cut back to Kali, she was wiping a trail of blood from her nose just like Eleven did after using her powers. As Kali did so, it revealed the number "008" tattooed on the inside of her wrist.

There was so much the episode did not explain about Kali. Viewers still have no idea who she is or if Kali is even her real name. It's also unclear who her friends are or why they were stealing something — or even what that something is. Kali is basically a walking, talking mystery by the end of Episode 1, but one that could have a lot of answers about the scientists that engineered Eleven's abilities. The number on her wrist is a big hint, so there are a few things the audience can guess about where she came from.

There has always been a real possibility that there were other people out there besides Eleven who have her abilities and have been through similar circumstances. The fact that she was tattooed with the number eleven indicated that there were at least ten other attempts before her. There's no telling how many of those were "successful" or not (how does one measure success when it involves small children being scientifically experimented on?), but Kali's existence proves that at least some of those kids are still out there.

That means that Stranger Things Season 2 could be delving more deeply into the Hawkins National Laboratory and the experiments they were performing — as well as what happened to all of their test subjects. It's also unclear if any of the kids they've given psychokinetic abilities to are still working for them or not. It'd be easy to assume that Kali and her friends have gone rogue because of their thievery and edgy haircuts, but she could just as easily have been stealing something for the scientists.

Kali's story began in the first episode of Stranger Things' second season, but that is only a hint of things to come. She's bound to have much more to do as the series progresses, and viewers are sure to be eager to find out if she has any answers about what happened in the Hawkins labs. I know I am.

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