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Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Might Have A Wealthy Fiance

by Gillian Walters

Most of the discussion about Thernaos founder Elizabeth Holmes surrounds her controversial professional life. The drama often overshadows the fact that Holmes reportedly has a fiancé, a mysterious man she hasn't gone public with yet. Given the recent documentary about Theranos on HBO, The Inventor, it's fair people want to know who Elizabeth Holmes' fiancé is and how the pair's relationship came to be.

In June 2018, Holmes was charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and nine counts of wire fraud in connection to Theranos, a medical company she founded in 2003, according to CNN. Holmes was accused of falsifying Theranos' technological abilities in a supposed attempt to defraud wealthy investors, according to Wired. Theranos' most notable claim was that it had the ability to transform the healthcare industry with a blood prick test, a method designed to replace time-consuming and painful blood draws.

Although Holmes was the face of Theranos, she was indicted alongside the company's Chief Operating Officer, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani. The two had met in 2002 "while on a trip to Beijing as part of Stanford's Mandarin program," according to Refinery29, and they reportedly stuck up a relationship around a year later. Balwani was 20 years older than Holmes when they met, according to the Daily Mail.


Holmes did not immediately respond to Romper’s request for comment, while Balwani's legal rep told CNN in June 2018: "Mr. Balwani committed no crimes. He did not defraud Theranos investors, who were among the most sophisticated in the world. He did not defraud consumers, but instead worked tirelessly to empower them with access to their own health information. Mr. Balwani is innocent, and looks forward to clearing his name at trial."

It's not clear when Balwani and Holmes broke up, but Vanity Fair is pretty certain she has since moved on to someone new. The outlet didn't name Holmes' supposed fiancé, unlike the Daily Mail, which reported that she's engaged to 27-year-old named William "Billy" Evans, the heir to a hotel fortune.

"The pair share a luxury apartment in San Francisco, are co-parents to the Theranos founder's wolf-dog Balto and even traveled off to Burning Man last year to party in the desert as the doors to Holmes' company were shut for good," the article claims.

Neither Holmes or Evans has publicly confirmed the relationship, but a former Theranos employee claims to have seen the two out to dinner back in January.

“She was dressed in a dark hoodie and jeans and didn’t look to have any makeup on or anything. She looked very young,” former Theranos software engineer, Michael Craig, claimed on the podcast, Dropout, according to Esquire. “She seemed a little bit worn-down, but she didn’t seem like somebody who had done anything wrong.”

Of course, the public can't know for certain whether or not the two are dating until one of them confirms the news. Curious parties probably shouldn't hold out for an answer, however, because Holmes is presumably lying low while she awaits trial for fraud. Only time will tell how this one plays out.