Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

The Latest 'Love Island' Player Has A Lot Of Flirting To Do

New suitors infiltrated Love Island and I'll be honest, it's really late in the game. If the newbies are going to have a chance at love or money both their castmates and the fans are going to have to get to know them quickly. So let me tell you who Emily is on Love Island.

Emily is so new she doesn't have a Love Island cast bio on the CBS website yet. She does have a Twitter where she announced her departure for Love Island but everything I know about her background I heard her tell fellow Islanders when she arrived. She was born in Colorado but currently lives in New York while she's attending Binghamton University. She's studying law because as she said in her introduction, "I never lose anything especially arguments."

She's a Puerto Rican/Italian/German girl who describes her style as "a little bit edgy" and "a little bit glam." Plus, she likes to stand out in a crowd. So, Emily is not lacking the confidence she needs coming into the game so late.

These are great basics but you and I both know that to learn about the intimate details of someone's life you've got to go to Instagram and dig deeper than the initial grid of nine posts. So that's what I did and I found a girl who loves to travel, especially to the beach.

She's also down for a cause, like this year when she marched in a Pride parade and captioned a photo "Love Is Love." I love someone who's not afraid to spread good vibes. But off of the beach and the streets she can be seen at a festival or two, and somehow she finds downtime at cute cafés that look like they'd be perfect to study in.

So, Emily has many layers, but what is she looking for in a man on Love Island? She seems like she's on the show to play the game, not find romance. In her introduction she told Love Island fans she's "feisty as hell" and made her intentions pretty clear. "Boys, watch out I'm coming for you. Girls, watch out I'm coming for your boys," she said. Her clarity is essential at this stage because there isn't much more time to couple up. The Love Island finale airs Wednesday August 7.

So, who does Emily have a chance with? Ideally every guy would be open to getting to know her. But Zac and Dylan are pretty much set in their matches to Elizabeth and Alexandra respectively. Ray and Caro don't seem interested in breaking up, either.

I think Emily has the best chance at finding a connection with Eric. His match Kyra has been sad ever since Cashel left the Island, and she's even second-guessing her choice of coupling up with Eric. He's definitely not shy about going after someone he wants. So, if she's feeling him, he's her chance to stay. But Weston was also feeling her vibes.

It's impossible to guess who the next castaway of Love Island will be, but Emily seems like she'll be fun to watch if she sticks around.