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This Real Life 'Cinderella' *Might* Have An Advantage On 'The Bachelor'

The latest and greatest season of The Bachelor has premiered on ABC, but you still may not know a single thing about the 23 contestants that made it past the premiere. If you haven't Googled which woman competing for Colton's everlasting love occupies the "job title" of "Cinderella," then you haven't met Erin. So who is Erin on The Bachelor? You're about to meet the closest thing to a real-life princess a 'la reality TV.

Though Erin's official "job title" on The Bachelor says "Cinderella," she's actually a full-time employee at her stepmom's home improvement business. The similarities ironically stem from a few Disney-esque traits. Erin has a serious love of ballroom dancing, though it has to be early in the evening before her stage coach turns into a pumpkin. Expensive shoes are on her shopping list, always, but she keeps a close eye on them so not to lose one for just anyone to find (Prince Charming, perhaps). The girl won't shy away from diggin' in and getting her hands dirty — especially if it's for Colton's heart — but she cleans up just as easily. Her ABC bio stated she's basic in terms of loving pumpkin spice lattes without shame (um, same) and her absolute favorite season is fall. Erin also arrived at The Bachelor quarters in an actual horse-drawn carriage, leaving a shoe behind with Colton after their first encounter. I mean, obviously. If you don't see all the Cinderella yet, you're not paying attention.

"I’m here looking for my Prince Charming, so I really can’t wait to get to know you better. Come find me before the clock strikes midnight," she told Colton before slipping out of her shoe and entering the house to meet her fellow contestants. She made it through the first rose ceremony, so she definitely made a good impression.

As the only girl older than Colton, the Plano, Texas native loves the Dallas Cowboys and is inspired by New York at Christmas time. But don't discount Erin only as the Cinderella type. She's also completed five bungee jumps in a row, and I'm willing to bet Snow White and Sleeping Beauty wouldn't do such a thing.

If you take a look at her social media accounts to get a better sense of who she is, she hasn't tweeted much in the last couple of years and when she did, they were mostly sports-related. Her Instagram feed is another story. There, you'll find a plethora of selfies, pics with friends, and amazing shots of her beloved golden retriever pup, Nala (whom she refers to as her "bear"). It's clear this Cinderella doesn't take herself too seriously in the game of life, or The Bachelor.

Season 23 of The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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