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This Is 'The Bachelorette' Contestant Most Likely To Yell "Fore"

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You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Season 15 of The Bachelorette just began but there have already been a few cringe-worthy moments. Some of which happened the night of introductions, and among those was a golf pro with an inappropriate comment about being Hannah's "hole in one." Um, OK. So that might tell you a little about his crude humor, but who is Garrett on The Bachelorette, and would that "joke" fly with you?

This Birmingham, Alabama boy isn't always so blunt. His ABC bio states he's actually a "humble country boy," which could be Hannah's perfect match. Some of his hobbies include running and "drinking beers with his friends." I know what you're thinking: "If Garrett is just a 'humble country boy', why would he sign up for a TV show to find love?" He didn't. Actually, sister-in-law is the guilty one. She thought Garrett and Hannah would be a good match. She could be right, but as of now, Garrett still has others to contend with. If gets the chance, he may take Hannah to "the most romantic city in the world," which he thinks is Savannah, Georgia. He's probably not wrong.

Garrett may be a PGA Pro, but when it comes to Hannah's heart, he's an amateur (for now). He and Alabama Hannah do have something in common — they both attended big, southern universities. Garrett graduated from Mississippi State University, which isn't too far from the old "roll tide" university Hannah attended. If you check out Garrett's Instagram, you'll see him hanging with friends, golfing (of course), chilling with the family dog (more of those, please), and it looks like he also played football for a period of time — as quarterback, actually. If you scroll farther down, you might accidentally stumble onto his hunting photo, so beware if that's not your thing. I'm not sure if Hannah is into that, but if she is, he seems to be a great shot (for what it's worth).

If all that isn't enough to decide whether he's worth Hannah's heart or not, he's still semi-regular on his Twitter account. He only has around 325 followers, so for now, he's still less of a public figure and more accessible, which, I think, shows he's on the show for the right reasons. This is good news, considering Hannah's journey to be where she is now.

Last season of The Bachelor wasn't exactly the most pleasant for this season's leading lady. If it wasn't the simmering feud between Hannah and fellow contestant and former pageant friend, Caelynn, it was Colton breaking her heart on TV.

Some wounds never heal, but at least Hannah gets the chance to find love again. And this time, she's taking the reigns. There are still plenty of others who also look like a good match, so Garrett better step up his game (and I don't mean his golf game). All in all, this is one contestant that may hide under the radar until he's front and center.

As of now, Garrett seems to have what it takes to go all the way. No, I don't mean get a "hole in one." Only two episodes down, Hannah hasn't been afraid to send men home deemed unworthy, so Garrett had better turn up that country boy charm — at least until their second date.

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