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'Westworld' Introduces A Mysterious New Character & She's A Force To Be Reckoned With

by Megan Walsh

In the third episode of Westworld Season 2, "Virtú e Fortuna," viewers got a glimpse into another Delos Destination through the eyes of a pair of unknown guests. A man and a woman met while visiting a park fans have dubbed Raj World, since it appears to depict the period of British rule in India. The woman, named Grace, was particularly tenacious and may be important going forward, leading many to wonder: who is Grace on Westworld?

Played by actress Katja Herbers, there's not much to know about Grace just yet. An announcement of Herbers' casting in Variety described the character as "a seasoned guest in Westworld whose latest visit comes at the park's darkest hour." Audiences didn't get to see her in Westworld until the last few minutes of Episode 3, but she definitely seemed like a connoisseur of the Delos parks when she was first introduced.

Grace began the day minding her own business in Raj World when she was approached (and eventually charmed) by another guest, a cute British guy who wanted to join forces to hunt bengal tigers. That was the first sign that they were in Park 6, which has been speculated about since one of its deceased tigers washed up in Westworld in Episode 1.

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Grace was an experienced hunter, but she also had her guard up with her new partner in crime. She brought him back to her room but demanded a test to find out whether he was a host or not: she unveiled a cache of guns before picking one up and shooting him. If he was a host, the bullet would have taken him out of commission, but since he was a guest after all it just gave him a nasty bruise. That convinced Grace to let him tag along on her hunt, but it seemed notable that she was so suspicious of being tricked by hosts that she'd shoot first and ask questions later. Isn't the whole point of these parks to go on adventures with hosts?

Perhaps Grace had a reason to be suspicious. Episode 1 revealed that Delos was keeping track of all their guests' experiences and DNA; Episode 2 made it clear they weren't above tricking potential investors with how realistic their hosts were. Grace could be someone very important who was aware of Delos' shadier business practices. She might not want a host spying on her while she engaged in all the violent delights the park had to offer. She did mention that privacy wasn't really a part of this place, so she's aware of being watched.

But her partner wasn't a host, so that theory couldn't be explored further in the episode. Instead they set off together to begin the hunt, though they quickly realized something was wrong. Their narrative wasn't unfolding how it should have: hosts were mysteriously missing from key locales and guests staying nearby were dead. It seems whatever's going on in Westworld is spreading to the other parks. Grace caught on quicker than her friend did, so she was able to briefly escape while he was caught in the gunfire of approaching rogue hosts.

But as she neared the limits of the park, Grace was pursued by one of the bengal tigers she was there to slaughter. The hosts weren't allowed to leave their designated boundaries, but the old rules no longer applied; Grace found that out the hard way when the tiger tackled her and dragged them both into the big reservoir that several of the parks seem to share access to. That must be how the tiger got to Westworld in Episode 1, which clears up one aspect of the timeline.

It's also how Grace got to Westworld. She showed up on the beach just in time to be taken captive by the Ghost Nation tribe. Since Grace bookended the episode, it seems like she'll be more important going forward, especially because almost everything is connected on Westworld. Right now the show is dropping clues, but hopefully the audience will be able to put them together as the season progresses.

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