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Who Is Grant On 'The Bachelorette'? He's Recently Single

There's a new Bachelorette crew in town, and from the looks of it, JoJo is going to have a tough time deciding who to send home. One of the very worthy contenders this season is Grant Kemp. I say worthy because Chris Harrison gave him a shoutout on his five men to watch post for Yahoo, so he's definitely someone to keep your eye on. So, what is there to know about Grant on The Bachelorette. Well, whether JoJo picks him or not, expect him to be a fan-favorite of all those watching.

Chris Harrison noted in his Yahoo article that Grant is this season's resident just-got-out-of-a-long-term-relationship-and-is-looking-for-a-fresh-start. Every season has one, but not all of them tend to work. JoJo herself was in a relationship not long before her time on The Bachelor, but she seemed to come on the show with a fresh mind and open heart. Will that be the same for Grant? Chris Harrison teases that coming in after a failed relationship can either "work, but it can go horribly wrong.”

Luckily, Grant seems to be a pretty stand up guy, at least according to his ABC bio where he answers multiple questions for us to judge him on before the show actually begins. So, what is there to know about Grant?

He's A Firefighter

While Grant wears a few different hats, but one of the most important hats is actually a helmet. Grant is a firefighter, and as he definitely loves his job. He captioned this photo on Instagram with "This job has made me a lot more aware of what's important in life."

He's Also An Actor

Although I'm not sure if Grant is pursuing acting for the rest of his life, he was featured in a commercial. This could only be the beginning of his entertainment career.

He's A Bit Of A Rebel

According to his ABC bio, the most outrageous thing Grant has ever done was evading the police in Mexico on an ATV. Yeah, that's actually pretty outrageous.

He's Recently Out Of A Relationship

Chris Harrison noted in his five guys to watch article that Grant recently got out of a relationship. He says that Gran't former relationship "went down in flames and so the question with him now is ‘Is he ready to get back out there? Is it too soon?’" Interesting.

He's Not A Huge Harry Potter Fan

According to his interview on ABC, his worst date memory is "Getting lunch with a girl and listening to her talk about Harry Potter for 20 minutes." Hopefully JoJo hasn't already sorted her suitors.