Can Hannah B Win Colton Underwood's Heart On 'The Bachelor' This Season?

After checking out the roster of women competing for Colton Underwood’s heart (and, possibly, his virginity), you may be wondering who is Hannah B on The Bachelor? Hannah certainly blends in with the crowd of beautiful faces that will grace your TV screen in Season 23, but she does have a few unique characteristics to explore.

For one thing, the Alabama native is a full-on Southern girl from the sound of it. She likes gentlemen who hold doors for her, country music, and board games, according to her profile on ABC’s website. That’s all pretty cookie-cutter, surface-level stuff though. And not that it’s not obvious, but like so many fellow contestants before her, Hannah B is a pageant queen, winning the title of Miss Alabama for 2018. Oh, and she really likes the University of Alabama (meaning she hashtags a lot of her photos “roll tide,” the cry of football fans from the state). She graduated from the popular school in 2017 with a degree in communications.

When it comes to social media, she is an Instagram girl all the way. Hannah has a Twitter account under her title of Miss Alabama, but she hasn’t used it since 2017 when she was campaigning for the crown and for a little while after she won. But those days are behind her.

Hannah works as an interior designer, but from her Instagram account, it looks like she spends most of her time modeling. Oh, and she’s so dedicated to her state that her account is literally @alabamahannah. So I get the feeling she’s not moving anytime soon, even though Underwood calls Colorado home, and he’s pretty in love with his own state. That could be a point against her in the game.

Speaking of Underwood, the question remains — are the two a match? Obviously, I have no idea for sure, yet.

A paper from her home state, which wrote about her after her Miss Alabama win, said that Hannah began competing in pageants as a teenager, but faced many failures on the circuit. It also notes that her journey with anxiety and depression are something that she’s vocal about — she even started a program where she goes to schools to help spread “joy.”

Hannah could also make a good match for Underwood due to her wholesome Christian values. Her Instagram bio reads “I love Jesus with my whole heart.” Underwood’s begins with a reference to a bible verse. So Hannah’s openness on the vital issue of mental health, as well as her religion, could both be good hooks and help her stand out to Colton, but is it all enough to win the whole thing? Only time will tell.

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