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Who Is Izzy On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Fans Didn't Get To Know Her Last Time Around

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 kicks off on Tuesday, August 2nd, and, among the announced cast, is Izzy Goodkind, whose name might not ring a bell, even among the most die-hard Bachelor fans. That's because she was eliminated on the first night of Ben Higgins' season after stepping out of the limo in a fly set of footie pajamas wondering if Ben was "the onesie" for her. She sort of got lost during that first night amidst Russian-speaking Shushanna, the twins, "Chicken Enthusiast" Sheila, too-drunk-on-the-first-night Lace, and rose headpiece-wearing Mandi. So who is Izzy on Bachelor in Paradise? She actually has a cool story that came out of her time on The Bachelor.

Izzy is a 25-year-old graphic designer who actually left her job to be on The Bachelor the first time around. She initially applied on a whim while watching Chris Soules's season, on the heels of getting out of a two-year relationship. By the time producers called her up to begin the interview process in earnest, she had forgotten she had even applied. Understandably, getting eliminated on the first night after a whirlwind casting process and a 12-hour-long cocktail party left Izzy feeling overwhelmed and a little aimless.

She told AV Club back in January:

"...After going through months of applications, and videos, and back and forth, and giving up my job, and leaving my life behind, and for it all to come out beneath me overnight was so overwhelming. That was, I think, the hardest for me, wrapping my head around that I had just gone through so much to get here, and it was over within 13 hours. That was the hardest part for me...I tried not to get upset, but it was emotionally so exhausting."

So after she left the show, she stayed in LA for a few days on a mini-vacation with a friend to decompress. Izzy briefly considered moving to LA and trying to find a graphic design gig there, but eventually, she went back home to Connecticut, crashed with her parents for five days, and then rallied to pull off a successful move to New York.

"I think about where [The Bachelor] took me. This is where I am now because I went home night one," she said. "I’m very happy and very content where I am in my life."

And she's been in talks with producers to be on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise ever since Ben's season first premiered, so her casting has been in the works for awhile. She also revealed that she's been hanging with the Bachelor family in New York since moving there, so it's possible she may have a pre-existing crush on one of the guys in paradise! Either way, you can trust that Izzy is definitely not coming to BiP from a place of heartbreak, and she's clearly ready for a summer romance.