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Rick Found A New Ally On 'The Walking Dead'

In The Walking Dead Season 7 midseason premiere, "Rock in the Road," Father Gabriel was taken from Alexandria along with nearly all the remaining food. While searching for him, Rick and some of his people discovered a brand new community living in a junkyard; though he ended the episode surrounded by the none-too-friendly newbies, Rick seemed strangely pleased by the situation. "New Best Friends" delved deeper into the group and the potential Rick saw in them, as well as the community's enigmatic leader, Jadis. She could very well prove to be the answer to Rick's problems, but who is Jadis on The Walking Dead?

As the leader of the junkyard community, Jadis appeared to have total control over her lurking, silent community. She had a supreme level of confidence whether she was passing orders along to her people or making demands of Rick, proving herself to be an adept leader if one who was a little difficult to understand. She laid out her group's ideology with a simple motto: "We take. We don't bother." The junkyard community was more interested in taking care of themselves than harassing anyone else, supposedly (apparently that didn't include not kidnapping people), making them initially uninterested in getting involved in Rick's war. However, Jadis ended up being a useful new ally.

Though Jadis did eventually agree to help Rick fight the Saviors, the deal was hard won. She wasn't interested in giving him any aid until she put him through a few trials first, including throwing him down a trash mountain into a pit that contained a weaponized zombie covered in metal armor and protruding spikes that Rick had to defeat without a single weapon. He managed to do so thanks to some quick thinking from Michonne, and Jadis finally agreed to add her people to his army if he first delivered her guns – and gave her a cut of the supplies once they win the war.

Jadis and her group (known as the Scavengers) appeared to be mostly self-motivated, but open to working with Rick as long as it benefited them too. Viewers don't know much about them, like how long they had been together and how they came to develop their unique aesthetic (and way of speaking). Nothing is known about Jadis' life before the apocalypse, either. However, that information could always come out in time, since Jadis' journey on the show is just beginning.